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Fernando Barroso & Margarida Mariño – ‘Silence Lovers Club…

Fernando Barroso has just released his new CD ‘Silence Lovers Club – Mandolin Pieces’. He is promoting this new CD with concerts and radio interviews. Today I have listened to the Lume na palleira podcast by Radio Galega. The second hour of this podcast is completely dedicated to the interview with Fernando Barroso and it includes seven tracks from this CD. Another podcast includes 3 pieces from the new CD.

The music is very interesting, the sound of the mandolin and the cello fit together very well. The compositions are rhytmically and melodically interesting. I love this music very much.

There are two youtube videos with pieces from the CD:

Fernando Barroso con Margarida Mariño – O Barqueirinho

Fernando Barroso & Margarida Mariño – ‘D-Swing’

Playlist Fernando Barroso & Margarida Mariño

Additional Information

Website Fernando Barroso

Podcast: Lume na Paleira – Jan. 28, 2018 – Including 7 tracks from the CD Silence Music Lovers and a long interview with Fernando Barroso (in Spanish language)

Podcast: Corcovadomusica including 3 tracks from the CD Silence Music Lovers:

You can download the album “Silence Lovers Club” from Amazon (Partnerlink)

Phoenix Theatre London - Musical Once aa mandolin guitar

London 2013 – Melange – World Music from the…

During our hilidays in London we have visited two free concerts in the National Portrait Gallery. The second concert was given by a group named Melange.

Melange was  founded by the cellist Shirley Smart.

She has spent many years in Israel and has become acquainted with the music of the East. Melange is playing a mix of World Music from different regions of the world, using instruments like the cello of Shirley Smart, the Arabian oud or the saxophone.

The concert in the National Portrait Gallery was given by a trio with cello, accordion and percussion. The program contained a mix of pieces from the Middle East and from Africa.

I have found some videos with the group Melange from London:

Lamma bada – Melange

Melange live at Hootananny

Melange is also playing the music of South America, including Argentinian tango and Brazilian choro. I have found the following video of a performance that includen Anselmo Netto playing the bandolim, they play a version of the Czardas by V. Monti in a more Brazilian style:

Anselmo Netto Quintet @ The Gallery Cafe : Czardas

Anselmo Netto Quintet perform live at the Gallery Cafe on 24th June 2011

Anselmo Netto ; Bandolim
Netto Pio : Guitar
Shirley Smart : Cello
Matheus Nova : Bass
Kleyton Macedo : Drums

Playlist Melange + Shirley Smart


youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/shirlsmart/videos

Website Melange: http://www.melangecollective.com/

Melange (reverbnation): http://www.reverbnation.com/melangecollective


The Lumineers – Great Songs – Great Concerts with…

I have recently found a picture of the Lumineers on the tumblr site – the trio with mandolin, cello and guitar made me curious. This folk-rock and Americana band was founded more than 10 years ago, but during the last year it became so popular that it even got two Grammy nominations for 2013. Their most popular youtube videos have got more than a million views, and the concerts of the Lumineers are mostly sold out today.

One of the most successful songs by the Luminieers is Ho Hey.

The Blogotheque has made several great videos with the Lumineers for their series A Take Away Show, here are the first two videos:

You can find more information here:

Blogotheque – A Take Away Show with the Lumineers



I have compiled a playlist with my favorite videos, including two longer concerts:

Read more “The Lumineers – Great Songs – Great Concerts with Mandolin, Guitar and Cello”


Talentos – Trio Hamilton de Holanda (10-string mandolin), Marcos…

Trio Hamilton de Holanda, Marcos Suzano e Jaques Morelenbaum

A TV show from Brazil with Hamilton de Holanda (bandolim), Marcos Suzano (pandeiro and percussion) and Jaques Morelenbaum (violoncello).

Hamilton de Holanda is one of the best bandolim players from Brazil. For this show he is accompanied by cello and percussion. I like the possibilities of this group very much. They play compositions of some famous Brazilian composers like Dorival Caymmi, Baden Powell, Egberto Gismonti and others.

O Talentos registrou show histórico de lançamento do trio Hamilton de Holanda (bandolim 10 cordas), Marcos Suzano (pandeiro e percussão) e Jaques Morelenbaum (cello). Os três gravaram CD ao vivo em Brasília, em dois dias de gravação. No repertório, Dorival Caymmi, Baden Powell, Egberto Gismonti e outros grandes compositores brasileiros.
A ideia nasceu em uma participação especial de Suzano em um show do ‘Hamilton de Holanda Quinteto’ em Curitiba. A parceria se concretizou no Festival de Jazz de Barcelona no final de novembro de 2008 e depois seguiu para Itália e França. O resultado foi tão elogiado que os músicos resolveram gravar um CD juntos. No início de 2009, em um encontro casual pela cena musical carioca, Morelenbaum juntou seu tempero ao duo, formando o trio. “O trio é de uma nacionalidade única, nunca vi esse tipo de formação, dá um ineditismo, e isso é bom pra gente, é bom para o público”, vangloria-se o maestro.

Título: Talentos
Autor: TV Câmara
Categoria: Musica
Idioma: Português
País: Brasil

The original videos have been removed – instead I have compiled a playlist with this trio:

Playliste Trio Hamilton de Holanda, Jaques Morelenbaum e Marcos Suzano