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ARTE International Mandolin Festival & Competition – Tokyo 2022

The 12th ARTE International Mandolin Festival & Competition took place in October 2022.

Roi Dayan from Israel won the first prize, Marine Moletto from France won the second prize, and Dilyara Sagdeeva from Russia won the 3rd prize.

Results of the 2022 Competition

Videos from performances of the winners and participants are now available. This is a great occasion to see and hear the best mandolin players from the World and to hear some of the best compositions for mandolin.

Roi Dayan – Finale

2:38 C.Domeniconi / Ant-Asia
8:30 Avner Dorman / Mandolin Cocerto
Piano : Nozomi ASAHARA

Roi Dayan – Semi Finale

Piano: Nozomi ASAHARA
00:52 R.Calace/Prelude X
07:30 P.Sarasate/Carmen Fantasy

Marine Moletto – Final

1:05 G.Leone/Air No.4 “L’avez vous vu mon bien aime”
10:57 C.Domeniconi/Loco nox
18:13 Y.Kuwahara/Improvised Poem

Marine Moletto – Semifinal

00:21 R.Calace/Prelude X
07:55 J.Nakano/Fantasia No.2 op.43

Dilyara SAGDEEVA(Russia) – Semifinal

00:39 R.Calace/Prelude X
07:34 Y.Kuwahara/Improvised Poem

More videos from the 2022 event are available in the youtube channel


Orii Mandolin Project – Duo Style Mandolin

Carlo Munier is one of the important composers for the mandolin. In his book “Il Nuovo Stile dei Duetti per mandolino solo, Op.278 ” he has studied the possibilities of the duo style for the mandolin. I have now found a video of the 1a. Fantasia from this collection, a great performance by the Japanese mandolinist Kiyosumi Orii.

The sheet music for this book by Munier is available as free doenload in the Petrucci Library (IMSLP):



Munier uses two staffs for the notation of this fantasia to make clear that it sounds as if two mandolins are playing. Here is the beginning of the Fantasia.

Beginning of the 1a. Fantasia

Chuo University Music Study Group Mandolin Club 121st Subscription…

The Chuo University Mandolin Club (CUMC) has given its 121 subscription concert on Dec. 25, 2021 as a streaming concert.

The mandolin orchestra was founded in 1939. From 1965 it was conducted by mandolinist and composer Seiichi Suzuki. The mandolin orchestra has played many premieres of compositions by Seiichi Suzuki and other Japanese composers. More information can find on the website of the CUMC.

Chuo University Music Study Group Mandolin Club 121st Subscription Concert Live Streaming.

[Chuo University Music Study Group Mandolin Club 121st Subscription Concert]
Saturday, December 25, 2021 Open 13: 30 / Start 14: 00

Venue: Tokorozawa Civic Cultural Center Muse Ark Hall (10 minutes walk from Seibu Shinjuku Line “Aviation Park” station)

You can use the following buttonbs to jump to the individual pieces of the concert.

Nieves – Romanza e Bolero / Giacinto Lavitrano

Giacinto Lavitrano – Nieves – Romanza e Bolero

Quiete Notturna – Primo Silvestri Op. 34

Read more “Chuo University Music Study Group Mandolin Club 121st Subscription Concert Live Streaming”

Japan Mandolin Union – 26th Solo Mandolin Competition –…

The Japan Mandolin Union (JMU) has held their 50th anniversary this year. Beside the publication of a regular journal about mandolin activities in Japan the JMU every two years a solo mandolin competition is executed.

This year the JMU has started their own youtube channel with videos from the anniversary concert and from the 26th solo mandolin competition

JMU 50th Anniversary Concert Part 2 SinfoniaTre-Pick (Composition: Hiroyuki Fujikake, Performance: Ensemble / Amedeo)

JMU 50th Anniversary Concert, Mandolin’s Poems (Composition: Takashi Kubota, Performance: Kubota Mandolinen Orchester)

The 26th Mandolin Soloist Competition Honorary / 1st Yoshihisa Fujikawa
Mandolin: Akiyoshi Fujikawa
Klavier: Yumi Fujii

Stria Hart: Fünf Arabesken aus Nr. 1, Nr. 5
T. Vitali: Chaconne
Schostakowitsch: Violinkonzert Nr. 1, 4. Satz

The 26th Mandolin Solo Contest Finale / 2nd Place Shinobu Arino

Mandoline: Arki Shinohara
Klavier: Haruka Kawachi

Stria Hart: Fünf Arabesken aus Nr. 1, Nr. 5
Raffaele Calace: Rapsodia Napoletana