More Italian Folk Songs for Mandolin – Free Download

Years ago I have scanned parts 3 and 4 of a collection of Italian folk songs “Celebri Canti Popolari Itaiani” published around 1900 by Schmidl & Co. in Italy. Now recently I have got part 1 of this collection of Italian folk songs and have made it also available on my website MandoIsland.

You can find all 3 parts on the following page: Celebri Canti Pololari Italiani

I hope that I can get the missing part 2 some time and make it available too. I have collected videos of some of the songs in this first part of the collection.

No. 1 – Addio del Giusti / Addio all’Italia

No. 7 – Babba non vuole Mamma Nemenno

No. 8 – „Fenesta Ca Lucive“

No. 10 – I Maccheroni

No. 14 – Trippole Trappole

No. 16 – La Fata d’Amalfi

No. 18 – Il Cardellino

No. 22 – Rondinella Pellegrina

Playlist – Collection of Neapolitan somgs: Anthologie de la chanson napolitaine XIXème siècle (Mono Version)

Playlist: The Neapolitan Popular Song

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