Espoirs Perdus – Speranze Perdute – The Famous Mandolin Tune by Alessandro Morelli

Last week I have got a bunch of old sheet music from France, including a book Mandoline-Album with six tunes composed by Alessandro Morelli. I played the tunes and I liked it immediately. When I tried to find out more about Alessandro Morelli I did not find much information about himself, but I found that one of his compositions – the last tune in my book Espoirs Perdus –  is very famous and played frequently by mandolin and especially ba accordeon players.

Alessandro Morelli must have been active in France, the pieces in his book are all dedicated to french musicienas and friends, this is the dedication of Espoirs Perdus:

A Mademoiselle Louise PAULUCCI Hommage

I have found the following historic recording of Speranze Perdute – this is the Italian titel of the tune – played by a quintet named Quintetto Spensierato, the melody is partially played by a mandolin:

Quintetto Spensierato – Speranze Perdute (Morelli) 1941

A good recording with mandolin and guitar by Egidio Faiella is available for download at:

The following duo plays with much energy, but for me the guitar player is much to straight and strong, but the mandolin player plays ok.

Speranze perdute

Un evergreen suonato con chitarra e mandolino dai fratelli Maione di Torre del Greco

Another recording form Italy with mandolin and guitar with three melodies, the second one is Speranze Perdute:

Due strimpellatori di paese, di Luigi Paternostro

One-step… paesano. Speranze perdute. Ritorno da Torino
Vincenzo Perrone alla chitarra, Luigi Paternostro al mandolino

And another one played with mandolin:

Speranze Perdute – u zu Giuvanni

Finally I have a typically French Musette version with accordeon, clarinet, banjo and piano – played by a Japanese group:


Playliste Speranze Perdute

Additional information about Speranze Perdute / Espoirs Perdus / Alessandro Morelli

The complete Mandoline-Album by Alessandro Morelli as PDF on my homepage on page free sheetmusic:

Discussion about  Speranze Perdute in the Mandolin Cafe with links and free sheetmusic:

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