Cattle in the Cane – Great Tune For Mandolin, Fiddle, Guitar

This morning I have learned Cattle in the Cane on my mandolin.

This tune has a first part in A major and a second part in A-Minor which makes it an interesting tune. I prefer a slower tempo for this tune, I think it should not be played too fast.

Sam Bush played a very interesting version of Cattle in the Cane on the Bluegrass Mandolin Extravaganza CD.

Several version can also be found on the ABC homepage:

Another version in texas fiddle style can be found on Pete Martin’s homepage:

Pete offers several very interesting books for the mandolin as kind of shareware – you can try it, and if you want to keep it you have to pay for it. Cattle in the Cane is included in the Texas Style Fiddle Transcriptions part 1.

I have collected some videos of Cattle in the Cane to hear more versions and use this for jamming and practicing.

David Mold – Cattle in the Cane

An improvisation based on the tune Cattle In The Cane

Playlist – Cattle in the Cane

Versions for mandolin, fiddle and banjo, bluegrass band, fiddle + mandolin + cello, guitar – enjoy Cattle in the Cane!

Additional information

Mandolin sheet music:

Discussion in the Mandolin Cafe:

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