David Grisman – Tipsy Gypsy – A Great Swing Tune for Mandolin

A great swing tune by David GrismanTipsy Gypsy.

This is a great tune if you want to start with jazz or swing mandolin. You can find free TABs and sheet music on the Mandozine homepage.

David Grisman played and conducted this with participants of the Mandolin Syposium 2006 – a great performance:

Dawg Ensemble – Mandolin Symposium 2006

Adam Steffey and Kym Warner played Tipsy Gypsy with just two mandolins:

Adam Steffey & Kym Warner – Tipsy Gypsy

Playlist with more versions of Tipsy Gypsy

Tabs and sheet music for Tipsy Gypsy are available on the Mandozine homepage (you need tabledit to view / print / play this):


TABS and sheet music for guitar: http://www.flatpick.com/lessons/september2008.html

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