Josefin’s Dopvals – A Great Waltz by Swedish Band Väsen with Nyckelharpa, Fiddle and Bouzouki

During one of the sessions at the European Mandolin and Guitar Academy in Trossingen a great slow waltz was played – Josefin’s Waltz. This tune has been composed by Roger Tallroth who plays guitar and bouzouki in the Swedish folk rock band Väsen.

Mike Marshall told that he has played this tune very often when he was on tour with Väsen. He said that this is one of the most popular pieces and that the band just talks about “the song” when they play it.

I have found a great version played by a big ensemble including Mike Marshall and Hamilton de Holanda who plays a fantastic solo on his 10 string bandolim.

Josefin’s Waltz Live at StringNation 2007

Josefin’s Waltz
Roger Tallroth & Scott Nygaard – Guitar
Darol Anger, Hamilton de Holanda, Mike Marshall, Olov Johansson, Mikael Marin, Seamus Egan, Eamon McElholm, Eric Merrill, Brittany Haas, Bryce Milano Paul Kowert

A great version played by Väsen, with fiddle, nyckelharpa and bouzouki:

Väsen – Josefin’s Waltz

Freight & Salvage, Berkeley, California 3/19/2011

This is another interesting version played in a more Irish style with accordion:

Josefin’s Waltz – Evergreen Band on Irish Music Festival

Playlist – Josefins Dopvals – Josefin’s Waltz

Additional information

Homepage Väsen:

Sheet music / abc on the site

(look in the comments section to find additional versions in abc format)


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