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More Italian Folk Songs for Mandolin – Free Download

Years ago I have scanned parts 3 and 4 of a collection of Italian folk songs “Celebri Canti Popolari Itaiani” published around 1900 by Schmidl & Co. in Italy. Now recently I have got part 1 of this collection of Italian folk songs and have made it also available on my website MandoIsland.

You can find all 3 parts on the following page: Celebri Canti Pololari Italiani

I hope that I can get the missing part 2 some time and make it available too. I have collected videos of some of the songs in this first part of the collection.

No. 1 – Addio del Giusti / Addio all’Italia

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♛ Emperor Waltz ♛ Johann Strauss jr. ♫ Free…

I have recently added a scan of the Emperor Waltz (Kaiserwalzer) by Johann Strauss jr. arranged for mandolin orchestra to my score catalogue at musicaneo. This arrangemet of the famous waltz for mandolin orchestra was made by Ferdinand Kollmaneck.

The waltzes by Johann Strauss have always been very popular and have often been played by mandolin orchestras, especially the most famous waltzes The Blue Danube, Artist’s Life and the Emperor Waltz.

In my playlist I have collected some versions of this waltz, you can find many more versions at youtube.

Playlist Emperor Waltz

By accident I have also found a version played by a mandolin orchestra from Lima. This orchestra plays a shortened version. The complete version by Strauss / Kollmaneck has a playing time of around 10 minutes.


Orquesta de Pulso y Pua Ciudad de Lima, concierto en la Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola, Lima, Peru, mayo 22 de 2007

Additional Information

Sheet music of the Emperor (or Imperial) Waltz for mandolin orchestra is available at musicaneo:

Free sheet music for the Emperor Waltz at IMSLP:

Wikipedia about Johann Strauss:

Wikipedia about the Emperor Waltz:

free sheet music

Beethoven – March from the Opera Fidelio – Free…

The sheet music by Ferdinand Kollmaneck (11.2.1871 Wien – 13.7.1941 Leipzig) is in the Public Domain since the beginning of this year. Kollmaneck was a zither player and composer who has composed pieces for mandolin orchestra and has published arrangements for mandolin orchestras in his publishing company Hella in Leipzig.

I own several pieces composed or arranged by Kollmaneck and have begun to make scans and upload those to my website.

The first two little pieces are the march from the opera Fidelio by Ludwig van Beethoven and a piece for glockenspiel and mandolin orchestra by Kollmaneck that have been published in 1923.

Marsch from the opera Fidelio by Ludwig van Beethoven.

I have found the following version of this march for piano four hands, an arrangement by Zemlinsky:

Marsch aus Fidelio

The second example is the scene that comes before the march from a performance of Fidelio at the Metropolitan Opera in 2000 –  the march begins at ca. 7:24:

Fidelio, Act 1.3 – “Gut, Söhnchen, gut,” Marsch

From a 2000 production of Beethoven’s Fidelio at the Met. Karita Mattila (Leonore), Jennifer Welch-Babidge (Marzelline), René Pape (Rocco). Jürgen Flimm, production; James Levine, conductor.

The second piece has the title “Die Spieldose”  (The Music Box) and is a composition for glockenspiel and mandolin orchestra which might be interesting for a beginners orchestra:

Additional Information

Free sheet music by Ferdinand Kollmaneck on my website on page Free Sheet Music

Informationen about Ferdinand Kollmaneck from

Ferdinand Kollmaneck (11.2.1871 Wien – 13.7.1941 Leipzig)
Zitherspieler (»Wiener Secessionsensemble« gemeinsam mit Eduard Nikl, Anton Smetak, Leonie Scholz-Krauskopf, Josephine Novy und Ludwig Zboril), Erfinder der »Ideal-Reformzither« , Komponist (auch zahlreiche Chor- und Orchesterwerke), Dirigent, Lehrer, Autor einer zweibändigen Zitherschule, Inhaber einer Zitherschule, Herausgeber der Zeitschrift »Chronik der Volksmusik« , Musikverleger (Musikverlag »Hella« )

Free sheet music by Ludwig van  Beethoven – Fidelio – at IMSLP:,_Op.72_%28Beethoven,_Ludwig_van%29

There you can also find an arrangement of the march by Beethoven for two pianos eight hands.




free sheet music

La Serenade – Valse Espagnole – A Famous Spanish…

Olivier Metra has composed some famous and often played pieces. La Serenade – a Spanish Waltz –  is one  of his big successes

I had previously heard the name Metra because some of his compositions are played by mandolin orchestras. But I haqve never played or really recognized one of Metras compositions.

But some time ago I could by a pack of sheet music that had belonged to a mandolin orchestra, and in this pack I found the music for La Serenade – Valse Espagnole by Olivier Metra. Metra died in 1889, and so the copyright for his compositions has expired.

So I have decided to add a scan of the music for La Serenade by Olivier Metra for mandolin orchestra (mandolin 1 and 2, mandola, guitar) to my page with free sheet music for the mandolin.

La Serenade is a composition that is very well suited for mandolin and guitar or mandolin orchestra, and I am sure that the audience will like La Serenade if it is played well.

I have found some videos of La Serenade at youtube. My favorite version is this video with Ralf Leen (mandolin) and Yvonne Azaert (guitar)

METRA – Sérénade Espagnole – Ralf Leenen & Yvonne Azaert

Sérénade Espagnole – (Olivier METRA)
live performance – 4th July 2010 “Les Petits Concerts du Sablon” :
Ralf Leenen, mandolin (Embergher N°7-1900 ex-Ranieri)
Yvonne Azaert, guitar (Ramirez III – 1976)

Another interesting video is the following version played by the Victor Orchestra played from an old 78 record. I do especially like the Spanish snappers that are used to create the typical Spanish mood in this performance:

Waltz by Olivier Metra

Victor orchestra conduced by A. Cibelli
RCA Victor

Playlist Olivier Metra – La Serenade

With recordings with mandolin and guitar, mandolin orchestra, accordeon and others:

Additional Information

Wikipedia about Olivier Metra (German):

NAXOS biography of Olivier Metra:

Free sheet music for mandolin, mandolin orchestra, guitar, including La Serenade for mandolin orchestra by Olivier Metra:

CD recommendation (Amazon partnerlink)

Mandolino e violino in Italia – Anna Torge