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Wolga Virtuosen Quartett

The Wolga Virtuosen Quartet was one of the groups at the Eurofestival Zupfmusik in Bruchsal that got a lot of applause for their performance of typical Russian folklore. It was a lot of fun to watch the players play and act. The group was composed of prim-domra, alto-domra, bass-balalaika and the accordion instrument bayan.

Ther is one video that gives some impressions of a typical performance by this group that plays well known classical works by Russian and European composers and virtuous arrangements of Russian folk music. In their arrangements they use all the possibilities of the typical russian instruments domra, balalaika, bayan and others.

Wolga Virtuosen Quartett

The Wolga Virtuosen do also play in other groups, you can find all information about composition, instruments and music on their homepage (with a nice intro too):

A second video shows differrent groups, ballet dancers, the audience talking about some typical Russian food that was served during the beak, with some information in German and shows some very special miniature accordeon instruments:

Weltmusik: Wolga Virtuosen verzauberten das Publikum


Playlist Wolga Virtuosen Quartet



Bis-Quit – Pop, Folk, Jazz and more with Domra…

Erich Heinemann, a mandolin player from Bonn who writes about mandolin on his site www.mandolinen-museum.de has discovered the homepage of a very interesting Russian ensemble with domra, balalaika, balalaika bass, accordion, drums and last but not least a saxofone – the Bis-Quit ensemble from Saint Petersburg in Russia.

The group is composed of six professional players, each of them a great virtuoso on his instrument. This ensemble plays a broad selection of traditional Russian folk, classical jazz and even pop songs. I have found six youtube videos of the Bis-Quit ensemble that show the different kind of music played by this group. More videos can be found on the homepage of the Bis-Quit ensemble.
The following text has been taken from the Bis-Quit homepage:

The musical ensemble «BIS-QUIT» was formed in 2002 by students of the Saint-Petersburg musical college named after N.A.Rimsky-Korsakov.A group of young musicians decided to blend the sound of russian folk instruments with that of the saxophone. And now the group has proved that is nothing impossible for them in the realm of music.

Through years of work and perfomance the group’s repertoire has acquired works of different genres and styles:
Classical, jazz, country, tango, latin and of course russian folk music. All arangements are made by the group’s leader Andrew Antipov.

From 2002-2006 with support of ELBA GROUP company, «MELODY» recording studio and the «EURO-shows» company the ensemble has released four alboms of different genres:

Russian Folk Music, Popular World Music, Jazz and the Golden Collection of the «BIS-QUIT» ensemble. Throughout this time , the «BIS-QUIT» ensemble has managed to master practically all known musical genres.


  • Balalaika double bass(large balalaika) – Andrew Antipov
  • Small domra(russian mandalin) – Olga Evstafyeva
  • Balalaika – Rustam Gafarov
  • Accordeon – Alexandr Satzenko
  • Percussion – Vladimir Maslov
  • Saxophone – Alexey Strelko

Enjoy the music of the Bis-Quit Ensemble!

Sting & Dominic Miller Shape Of My Heart BIS-QUIT ORCHESTRA-Музыкальный Бис-Квит

Blue Bossa Kenny Dorham BIS-QUIT ORCHESTRA-Музыкальный Бис-Квит

Playlist Bis-Quit

Additional Information

Homepage Bis-Quit: http://www.bis-quit.ru/

youtube Channel of Andrew Antipov: http://www.youtube.com/user/antipovmusic

Mandolinen-Museum Homepage Blog by Erich Heinemann: http://www.mandolinen-museum.de/mm/



Domra and Guitar – Russian Folksong and Flamenco

Roman Gurochkin is a cameraman and photographer from St. Petersburg, Russia, and his wife is a classical guitarist. Roman has produced several high quality music videos, including two videos with domra and guitar.

The domra is a plucked instrument from Russia similar to a mandolin. It has 3 or 4 single stings tuned in fifths. You can find more information about the domra in the wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domra or in the Atlas of plucked instruments http://www.atlasofpluckedinstruments.com/europe2.htm

The first piece is a Russian folk song arranged for domra and guitar by M. Sheinkman. In the second piece you can see and hear the domra playing a piece in flamenco style.

Domra-Maya Mikhailova,classical guitar-Marina Gurochkina.

Domra-Maya Mikhailova, classical guitar- Marina Gurochkina.Russkaya folk song arr. M. Sheinkman “monotonous greatest sound the bell”, arrangement for guitar Marina Gurochkina.

Domra, Maya Mikhailova, classical guitar, Marina Gurochkina. Kozlov “piece in the style of flamenco.

Roman Gurochkin has two blogs with some other videos. He has recently made several videos from the earlymusic festival in St. Petersburg. Those include a video by Jose Miguel Moreno on the vihuela and a video of a woman playing the Chinese Pi-pa: http://roman-gurochkin.livejournal.com/ and http://romagurochkin.blogspot.com/

Youtube channel of  Roman Gurochkin with more videos with pieces for the guitar by Roland Dyens, Carlo Domeniconi and John Downland: http://www.youtube.com/user/Gurochkin

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Alexei Kofanov – Great Pieces for Mandolin, Guitar or…

Alex Kofanov is a singer, guitarist and composer from St. Petersburg in Russia. He is also a writer and has published in the “Newa” magazine.

Alex Kofanov has also published two books for the guitar. Those books should serve to learn to play the guitar from the basics, to play in many different styles and also to compose.

In his pieces you can find influences from Russian folklore, jazz, blues, bossa-nova – I like his style, and I hope that he will compose more like this.

On of my pavorite pieces by Alex Kofanov for mandolin and guitar is Hello, Gary!

Playlist Alexej Kofanov

Some titles of the pieces by Alex Kofanov:

  • Hello, Gary! (by A. Kofanov)
  • Allemande
  • Gavotte
  • SUNSET ON THE BANK – Domra und Gitarre
  • Poletschka für Olga, a funny piece with some rock and roll influences

The sheet music for the following pieces can be found on the homepage of Alex Kofanov (if you use a translation tool like google to translate this page to english you can find it easily)

Website of Alex Kofanov with free sheet music and videos.

I have compiled the direct links to the most interesting pieces:

Link collection Alex Kofanov

Attention: it might be necessary to rename the images – I could not open the images as long as they had Russian names, but I coudl open the images afte I had renamed the images to a name with the western alphabeth.

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