Domra and Guitar – Russian Folksong and Flamenco

Roman Gurochkin is a cameraman and photographer from St. Petersburg, Russia, and his wife is a classical guitarist. Roman has produced several high quality music videos, including two videos with domra and guitar.

The domra is a plucked instrument from Russia similar to a mandolin. It has 3 or 4 single stings tuned in fifths. You can find more information about the domra in the wikipedia or in the Atlas of plucked instruments

The first piece is a Russian folk song arranged for domra and guitar by M. Sheinkman. In the second piece you can see and hear the domra playing a piece in flamenco style.

Domra-Maya Mikhailova,classical guitar-Marina Gurochkina.

Domra-Maya Mikhailova, classical guitar- Marina Gurochkina.Russkaya folk song arr. M. Sheinkman “monotonous greatest sound the bell”, arrangement for guitar Marina Gurochkina.

Domra, Maya Mikhailova, classical guitar, Marina Gurochkina. Kozlov “piece in the style of flamenco.

Roman Gurochkin has two blogs with some other videos. He has recently made several videos from the earlymusic festival in St. Petersburg. Those include a video by Jose Miguel Moreno on the vihuela and a video of a woman playing the Chinese Pi-pa: and

Youtube channel of  Roman Gurochkin with more videos with pieces for the guitar by Roland Dyens, Carlo Domeniconi and John Downland:

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