Giuseppe Silvestri – Serenade – Free Sheet Music for Mandolin and Guitar

One of the interesting pieces for mandolin and guitar in the Biblioteca della chitarra e del mandolino is the Serenade by Giuseppe Silvestri.

I have found recordings of this tune at youtube and also a historical recording in the National Jukebox of the Library of Congress.

The first recording is from the Mandolin Festival in Korea played by the Duo Zigiotti-Merlante:

만돌린 mandolin 제6회 국제한국만돌린페스티벌 08 Serenade d’autrefois

Duo Zigiotti / Merlante

The next recording is a version played on the accordion.

SERENATA di Silvestri.mp4

The playlist below contains more versions including versions with the sinnger Tito Schipa, played by the Attika mandolin orchestra from Greece, by Oleg Videnov with mandolin and piano and more recordings.

Enjoy the Serenade by Giuseppe Silvestri!

Addtional Information

Free sheet music for mandolin and guitar:

Historical recording of the Serenata by Giuseppe Silvestri:

In der National Jukebox I have found another piece by Silvestri – Le Violette:

Historical recording of Le Violette by Giuseppe Silvestri:

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