Alexei Kofanov – Great Pieces for Mandolin, Guitar or Domra

Alex Kofanov is a singer, guitarist and composer from St. Petersburg in Russia. He is also a writer and has published in the “Newa” magazine.

Alex Kofanov has also published two books for the guitar. Those books should serve to learn to play the guitar from the basics, to play in many different styles and also to compose.

In his pieces you can find influences from Russian folklore, jazz, blues, bossa-nova – I like his style, and I hope that he will compose more like this.

On of my pavorite pieces by Alex Kofanov for mandolin and guitar is Hello, Gary!

Playlist Alexej Kofanov

Some titles of the pieces by Alex Kofanov:

  • Hello, Gary! (by A. Kofanov)
  • Allemande
  • Gavotte
  • SUNSET ON THE BANK – Domra und Gitarre
  • Poletschka für Olga, a funny piece with some rock and roll influences

The sheet music for the following pieces can be found on the homepage of Alex Kofanov (if you use a translation tool like google to translate this page to english you can find it easily)

Website of Alex Kofanov with free sheet music and videos.

I have compiled the direct links to the most interesting pieces:

Link collection Alex Kofanov

Attention: it might be necessary to rename the images – I could not open the images as long as they had Russian names, but I coudl open the images afte I had renamed the images to a name with the western alphabeth.

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