Karlsruhe Guitar Quartet plays Telemann and Kurt Weill’s “Moritat von Mackie Messer”

The Karlsruhe Guitar Quartet has won the second price in a competition for guitar quartets composed of students in Gevelsberg (Gitarrenwettbewerb in Gevelsberg).

The four members of the quartet are studying classical guitar at the music university of Karlsruhe:

Roman Hernitscheck (Germany), Marco Lima (Brazil), Gleb Simak (Estonia), Kristjan Tamm (Estonia).

Kristjan Tamm and Gleb Simak have won a scholarship by the German-Estonian Society.

The Karlsruhe Guitar Quartet has made two videos with pieces from their program. The first shows the guitar version of the Concerto for four violins by G. Ph. Telemann. The second viedeo shows a great arrangement of “Die Moritat von Mackie Messer” by Kurt Weill from “Die Dreigroschenoper”

Georg Philipp Telemann, Concerto in D-Dur

Noten hier erhältlich / sheet music http://www.edition49.de

Kurt Weill – Moritat Mackie Messer aus „Dreigroschenoper“

Videos made with friendly support by the Hoepfner Foundation http://www.Hoepfner-Stiftung.org and edition49 publishing company  http://www.edition49.de

Additional Information

Website of the Youth Competition for Guitar in Gevelsberg: http://jugendwettbewerb-gevelsberg.de/

Music University Karlsruhe: http://www.hfm-karlsruhe.de

Boris Björn Bagger: http://www.BorisBagger.de

Andreas von Wangenheim: http://www.AndreasvonWangenheim.com

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