Agradecendo – A Great Choro-Waltz by Pixinguinha

Recently I have dicovered a great waltz by Pixinguinha and have started to practice this tune.

I have found four videos including two videos with the clarinet quintet Quinteto Madeira de Vento and one with violin and accordeon.

My favorite version ist the version by the LGEM Trio with flute, guitar and percussion. This trio makes a big difference between the slow first part of the waltz and the faster second and third parts, which makes listening to Agradecendo very interesting. I do also like the guitar part of this version.

The LGEM Trio – Pixinguinha – Agradecendo, valsa

The LGEM Trio – Live in Concert
October 9, 2005
Miami Lakes United Methodist Church

The LGEM Trio

Robert David Billington, flute
Roger bustamante, guitar
Edwin Guerra, MIDI percussion

I am sure that this choro waltz will aso sound great when played with mandolin and guitar!

Playlist Agradecendo – Pixinguinha

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Additional Information

The sheet music by Pixinguinha is still protected by copyright, maybe you can find a copy with the google picture search.

The waltz  Agradecendo is contained in the follwing songbook: O melhor de Pixinguinha

which is available at Atlantico Books:

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