Bantu by Andrew York for Guitar Quartet – Los Angeles Guitar Quartet (LAGQ)

Bantu is the name of a piece for four guitars by Andrew York. I have dicovered this piece on the CD Labyrinth by the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet.

Like in Rumba by Stepan Rak the guitars are also used as percussion instruments.

Andrew York has been a member of the LAGQ for many years. He has composed many pieces for guitar ensembles.

On the website of the LAGQ I have found the following text about Bantu:

Bantu, says Scott Tennant, “one of our favorites to play, is best described as a cross between African drumming rhythms and Dave Brubeck.”

I have found a number of youtube videos with guitar quartets and also bigger guitar ensembles that play Bantu. I have collected the best videos in my youtube playlist:

Playlist – Bantu by Andrew York

You can listen to the CD Labyrinth by the LAGQ with the following grooveshark widget:

Additional information

Wikipedia about Andrew York:

Homepage Andrew York:

Portrait Andrew York (German):

LAGQ about Labyrinth:

Podcast La Guitarra by RTVE with Andrew York

A. YORK: 3 danzas (9’30”), 8 discernimientos (9’53”), 3 delineaciones (10’05”), Into Dark (2’14”), Freelin’ (4’00”), Perfect Sky (5’03”), When you Wish Upon a Star (arr. A. York) (2’43”), Sunburst (5’32”). A. York (guit.)

La Guitarra – Podcast by RTVE with the LAGQ :

Programa dedicado al Cuarteto de Guitarras de Los Ángeles en el que se ofrecen las siguientes obras:

S. ASSAD: Interchange, para cuarteto de guitarras y orquesta (30’07”). Cuarteto de Guitarras de Los Ángeles, Orq. Sinf. de Delaware. Dir.: D. Amado.

YORK: Lotus eaters (3’31”) , Along the edge (7’16”) .

BELLINATI: Baiao de Gude (5’06”). Cuarteto de Guitarras de Los Ángeles.

More information about Andrew York can be found in my post in German:

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