Bach and Guitar? – Music by J. S. Bach for Guitar Quartet and Guitar Orchestra

Recently I have attended the concert of the mandolin orchestra Kollnau-Gutach. This concert was dedicated to compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach. The program included the 3rd movement of the Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 played by a guitar quartet.

The slogan used for this concert was:

Bach – And Now!? (Bach – Und Jetzt!?)

After the concert I was inspired to listen to the music of J. S. Bach, and I searched also for other guitar quartets playing music by Bach.

I have found many videos with movements of the Brandenburg concertos and also of other works. And I found more interesting videos with works by Bach played with big guitar orchestras. Especially some orchestras from Japan seem to be very interested in the music by Bach. The Shiba Guitar Club has an interesting archive of performances of several works including the Brandenburg concertos.

I have compiled a large playlist which starts with guitar quartets followed by guitar orchestras.

Enjoy the music by Johann Sebastian Bach played on four or more guitars!

Playlist Bach – Guitar Quartet – Guitar Orchestra

Including performances by Linzer Gitarren Quartett, Fürther Gitarrenquartett, Mönchengladbach Guitar Quartet, Trío de Guitarras Domine, O&A Guitar Quartet, SHIBA GUITAR CLUB, Tama high. Guitar Ensemble Club, Texas Guitar Quartet, San Diego Guitar Quartet and more.

The playlist starts with

Brandenburgisches Konzert Nr. 3 – 3. Satz: Allegro (J. S. Bach) – Linzer Gitarren Quartett

klassisches Gitarrenquartett mit Christina Lechner, Karin Gstöttenmayr, Tanja Fleischanderl, Sylvia Haderer

Additional Information

Shiba Guitar Club Archiv youtube channel:

Music for guitar by J. S. Bach on the site of J. F. Delcamp:

Music  by J. S. Bach at IMSLP:,_Johann_Sebastian

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