Jarmo Romppanen – 10-String Mandolin Player from Finland – New Solo CD Solmogen II

Jarmo Romppanen has just released his second album with solo music for 10-string mandolin Solmogen II. I have met Jarmo during the European Mandolin Academy in Trossingen. With his group Nordic Choro Jarmo has recorded a CD with Choro music. And some years ago he has published his first solo CD Solmagen.

Now he has taken the music of Finland, Swedish Polska and American Old Time music and created his own new style of mandolin playing.

Jarmo has made a great set of videos with the the pieces of his new CD. His 10-string mandolin has a great ringing sound – I enjoy those videos very much.

Playlist Jarmo Romppanen

Additional Information

CD Solmogen II: http://www.aania.fi/solmogen2_fi.html

CD Solmogen: http://www.aania.fi/jarmo_romppanen_fi.html

Website Jarmo Romppanen: http://www.jarmoromppanen.net/

I´m a professional folk-musician and received my Master of Music degree from the Sibelius Academy Department of Folk Music in 2002. I´m working as a performing artist, composer, arranger, producer and music-teacher.

Ääniä Records has just publiced the second solo album of mine called Solmogen II. I´ve been creating a new style of playing, never before heard on mandolin. The music on this album is influenced by Finnish-Karelian kantele and bowed lyre playing, by the Swedish triplet-polska tradition and by North-American Old Time music. There are long legato melodic phrases, lots of slurs, fast runs, melodic variations and improvised parts between the themes.  It is a studio live album, recorded completely solo with no overdubs or edits (except fades) on it.

youtube search “nordic choro”: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=nordic+choro&oq=nordic+choro

To end this post I have added another video by Jarmo Romppanen recorded 3 years ago with the 10-string mandolin

Jarmo Romppanen – 10 string mandolin

Pieces: Solmogen / Östervik / Västervik Greta

comment by Jarmo: I´m playing with 10-string mandolin and mandola built by a Finnish luthier Arto Pulkkinen.

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