A Concert with the Duo AREKIPE (Kathy Lasso & Ricardo Sandoval) with Matthias Collet

A concert with the Duo AREKIPE – Ricardo Sandoval (Venezuela) and Kathy Lasso (Colombia) – has recently been added to the youtube channel of Ricardo Sandoval. The guitarist Matthias Collet joined the duo for this concert. You can hear a nice program of duets and trios for mandolins, bandurrias (or bandola andina) and guitar. Programm […]

Como Llora Una Estrella – A Great Venezuelan Tune for Mandolin or Guitar

Some time ago I was looking for a new pice for my pupil, so I checked the pieces available on the Mandozine website. One of the pieces that I have tried was Como Llora una Estrella by Antonio Carrillo that can be found here: Mandozine “Como Llora una Estrella” The transcription is based on the […]

Music from Venezuela for Mandolin and other Plucked Instruments – My Playlists

In this post I have compiled several playlists with music for mandolin and other stringed instruments from Venezuela. I have a page on my website mandoisland about the mandolin and other interesting information about the music in Venzuela. MandoIsland Website: mandoisland.de Page about msuic in Venezuela: http://www.mandoisland.de/weblog_venezuela.html Music from Venezuela http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL383B2238DCD2BF33 Venezuela – Percujazz (Cuatro/Bandola) […]

The Ensemble Percujazz from Venezuela – With Bandola and Cuatro

Today I have searched for new videos from Venezuela with bandola llanera or cuatro – and during this search I have found some videos of an ensemble named Percujazz. Percujazz is composed of five young musicians, with the typical venezuelan instruments bandola llanera, cuatro and maracas aswell as violin and electric bass. The ensemble has […]

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