The Ensemble Percujazz from Venezuela – With Bandola and Cuatro

Today I have searched for new videos from Venezuela with bandola llanera or cuatro – and during this search I have found some videos of an ensemble named Percujazz.

Percujazz is composed of five young musicians, with the typical venezuelan instruments bandola llanera, cuatro and maracas aswell as violin and electric bass.

The ensemble has first met during the Barquisimeto International Jazz Festival where important jazz musicians played, including the famous Alexis Cardenas on violin.

They have created their own style from venezoelan music, lantin american music and jazz – a great mix of rhythms ond styles.

  • Roberto Perez de Guanare, Bandola Llanera.
  • Argenis Corvo, E-Bass
  • Erickson Barquisimeto Escalona, Violine
  • Rafael Marchan, Cuatro
  • Sergio Escobar Maracas, Percussion

Percujazz en Concierto: “Bossa Nova para Bandola”

I have composed a playlist with the videos by the Ensemble Percujazz:

Playlist Percujazz

More Information about the Ensemble Percujazz

Homepage of the Ensemble Percujazz:

Dossier about the ensemble Percujazz from their homepage –  google translation to english:

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