IZUMRUD – Great Band with Domra, Balalaika and Accordion from Ekaterinburg (Russia)

The Group IZUMRUD from Ekaterinburg in Russia is one of the most progressive band playing Russian folk instruments like domra, balalaika or the accordion bayan today. In 2012 the band played at the Picknick Jazz Festival in Tomsk. Several pieces played at this festival are available in a long youtube video that includes interviews (in […]

Reinhold Glière – Great Sinfonic Music from Russia – Amedeo Mandolin Orchestra from Japan

Today I want to present the russion composer Reinhold Glière with some of his compositions played by Japanese mandolin orchestras. Reinhold Glière was a Russian composer who was also the teacher of Sergej Prokofiew. His sinfonic romantic music with influences from Russian folk music is obviously also very popular in Japan. This is the Intermezzo […]

The Red Sarafan – Dimitry Kalinin – Balalaika Virtuoso – Meteor – Singing Saw

The Red Sarafan is a well known Russian song that I have found a long time ago in the mandolin method by Ernesto Köhler published in 1887 by the Zimmermann publishing company. I have looked through this method recently and thought that I should watch some videos of this song. So I found this video […]

Trio Elinte – Flamenco and Latin American music with Domra and Guitars

A new video with domra and guitar by Aleksei Kofanov has led me to the videos by the Trio Elinte. The Trio Elinte is composed of Tamilla Krasnokutskaya-Herrera (Domra) and the two guitarists  Alexander Malyanov und Alexey Bobylev. Das Trio plays flameco, Spanish and Latin American music, but also classical music. The Trio has recorded […]

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