Reinhold Glière – Great Sinfonic Music from Russia – Amedeo Mandolin Orchestra from Japan

Today I want to present the russion composer Reinhold Glière with some of his compositions played by Japanese mandolin orchestras.

Reinhold Glière was a Russian composer who was also the teacher of Sergej Prokofiew.

His sinfonic romantic music with influences from Russian folk music is obviously also very popular in Japan.

This is the Intermezzo that has been composed for double bass and piano. The Japanese Mandolin Ensemble 8strings plays this tune on the mandoloncello.

[8strings] Intermezzo / Gliere / FK

Intermezzo / Reinhold Gliere / arranged by FK
Mandolin Ensemble 8strings The 4th Concert (2010.11.14)

Another composition by Reinhold Glière is his ballet “The Bronze Horseman”. The Ensemble Amedeo Mandolin Orchestra played two pieces from this ballet with a big sinfonic mandolin orchestra:

バレエ音楽「青銅の騎士」より ワルツ / グリエール

Reinhold Gliere “Waltz” from “Bronze Horseman” by “Ensemble AMEDEO” Mandolin Orchestra The 26th Regular Concert Conductor : Toru Nakamura

Aus “The Bronze Horseman” – “Hymne an die große Stadt”

Ensemble AMEDEO Mandolin Orchestra
Bronze Horsemen

Playlist Reinhold Glière

Additional Information

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