Bach and Guitar? – Music by J. S. Bach for Guitar Quartet and Guitar Orchestra

Recently I have attended the concert of the mandolin orchestra Kollnau-Gutach. This concert was dedicated to compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach. The program included the 3rd movement of the Barndenburg Concerto No. 3 played by a guitar quartet. The slogan used for this concert was: Bach – And Now!? (Bach – Und Jetzt!?) After the […]

Karlsruhe Guitar Quartet plays Telemann and Kurt Weill’s “Moritat von Mackie Messer”

The Karlsruhe Guitar Quartet has won the second price in a competition for guitar quartets composed of students in Gevelsberg (Gitarrenwettbewerb in Gevelsberg). The four members of the quartet are studying classical guitar at the music university of Karlsruhe: Roman Hernitscheck (Germany), Marco Lima (Brazil), Gleb Simak (Estonia), Kristjan Tamm (Estonia). Kristjan Tamm and Gleb […]

Stepan Rak – The Very Popular Rumba for Four Guitars or Guitar Orchestra

Stepan Rak has composed a Rumba for four guitars. This Rumba is very popular and is played often by guitar quartets and also bigger guitar ensembles. After I had discovered this rumba I have found many more videos with this piece. Stepan Rak is a composer, teacher and guitar player from Prague. The guitars are […]

Bantu by Andrew York for Guitar Quartet – Los Angeles Guitar Quartet (LAGQ)

Bantu is the name of a piece for four guitars by Andrew York. I have dicovered this piece on the CD Labyrinth by the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet. Like in Rumba by Stepan Rak the guitars are also used as percussion instruments. Andrew York has been a member of the LAGQ for many years. He […]

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