Hotel California – With Mandolins and Guitars

Hotel California by the Eagles belongs to the best and most played rock songs of our time. So it is no wonder that there are many videos of this song, including videos with guitars, mandolins and other interesting instruments.

Last week I found this video with a great version of Hotel California played by four guitars and percussion:

Guitar Quartet * Ensemble de 4 guitares (JFKL)

Hotel California, version “instrumentale”, jouée par l’ensemble de guitare (JFKL) de l’Ecole de Musique de Saverne, lors du concert de fin d’année de cette même école le 30 juin 2009. 4 guitares, un percussionniste.

I have searched for more interesting videos of Hotel California with guitars and mandolins and have added the most interesting videos hera and in my playlist.

Mandolin and Guitar

A second version with mandolin and guitar, the mandolin is played by Aco Bocina:

Mandolin & Guitar * Aco Bocina Hotel California

In the next video the song is played on the Persian Kanun, an instrument similar to an Appalachian autoharp.

Persian Kanun * Hotel California dedicated to Eagles by Farhad Besharati

Farhad Besharati is a Persian Kanun player who fuses traditional Persian music with contemporary flair. A Kanun is Persian instrument that looks very much like an autoharp, often used in Appalachian folk music, but sounds more like a cross between a mandolin and the Greek balalaika, with 78 strings and 30 notes.
FarhaD has had an interesting musical journey. Originally from Tehran, where he was first exposed to the Kanun, he was forced to flee Iran after the Islamic revolution forbade him to pursue his music.
Reflections and Blue Love and Bird and Rain and latest one is Zenith. Farhad’s debut recording on Planet Beat International, and Clatex Records And MZM records are all-instrumental, showcasing his virtuosity on the rare and difficult Kanun. The albums features some original compositions, and each song has an ethereal, ephemeral air to them, which is at once relaxing and engaging. The songs are accompanied tastefully by very famous life musicions . The albums are very exotic sounding, and will appeal greatly to fans of both World Music and New Age.

One of many versions for classical guitar, played by Stephanie Jackson:

Classical Guitar Solo *  Stephanie Jackson

This was filmed @ a private party…my arrangement of “Hotel California”. TAB & NOTATION AVAILABLE @ Click on “products”.

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