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Hasapiko and Hasaposerviko – Two Greek Folk Dances –…

Some time ago I have discovered a great recording by Christina Pluhar, the Hasapiko from the CD Mediterraneo:

Hasapiko – Christina Pluhar und L’Arpeggiata – CD Mediterraneo

The ensemble L’Arpeggiata plays a long version with many improvisations. You can hear many different instruments like hammered dulcimer, plucked instruments like saz or the Kretian laouto, stringed instruments like the lyra and even the cembalo.

I was very inspired by this video and have compiled further informations about this dance. You can hear many version in the following playlist. In some videos you can hear a sequence that starts with a slow Hasapiko and then goes on with the fast Hasaposerviko.

Playlist Hasapiko and Hasaposerviko

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Frigg – Hot Fiddles from Cool Scandinavia

Frigg – Hot Fiddles from Cool Scandinavia

Frigg – a folk and dance band from Finland – will take part in the folk festival in Rudolstadt, Germany this year. Last year Frigg were on tour in the UK and in Switzerland.

Frigg has published 5 CDs and is very successful in Scandinavia. The last CD Polka V has got several awards including the “most successful album of 2012”. You can find more about the awards on the Frigg website.


During an interview by the Philharmonie of Luxemburg Anti und Esko Järvelä of Frigg told about their music. The energy in the music needs to be transformed to a dance movement. Frigg wants to support the folk dance tradition of the North European countries

The sound of Frigg is based on the virtuoso playing of three or four fiddles. The fiddles play together in unison or in arrangements for several voices. The fiddles are accompanied by guitar, mandolin and double bass. Even the most complicated rhythms are played in perfect interplay. Most of the pieces are compositions by Frigg in the typical nordic style, inspired by the folk music of Scandinavia. Rock and Jazz elements or influences from folk dances of Eastern Europe are also included.

This is a video recorded last year with three tunes:


The interview with Anti and Esko Järvelä:

Frigg interview @ the Philharmonie Luxembourg

My Frigg Playlist

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Tin Tin Tini Mini Hanim – A Folk Dance…

In the homepage of DUNAV – a homepage dedicated to the folk danes of eastern Europe and Asia – I have recently discovered this simple but anyway interesting folk dance tune:  Tin Tin Tini Mini Hanim

The melody is composed of only 5 different notes, but it is possible to play this tune for a long time without becoming bored. It is also a nice tune for children as you can see in some of the videos that I have found.

Very interesting is the following video by the group Bustan Abraham from Israel. The tune starts with an improvisation on a banjo the sounds like it would introduce a bluegrass tune – but then follows the Turkish folk dance tune Tin Tin Tini Mini Halim for almost 10 minutes. Unfortunately this video is no more available – I have found another great version here:

Tini mini hanem

Tini Mini Hanem performed April 10, 2011 at Sanders Theatre by the Zamir Chorale of Boston conducted by Joshua Jacobson and members of Bustan Abraham with Mehmet Sanlikol. www.zamir.org.

Here another version with a group of woman who dance to the music:

In my playlist I have collected many difrerent versions, played by different groups as well as sung versions.

Enjoy this folk dance from Turkey: Tin Tin Tini Mini Hanim!

Playlist: Tin Tin Tini Mini Hanim

Additional Information

Lyrics with translation to English: http://www.shira.net/music/lyrics/tini-mini-hanim.htm

Sheet music and lyrics: http://www.frmartuklu.net/muzik-turleri-ve-enstrumanlari/129432-tin-tin-tini-mini-hanim-notalari.html

Sheet music – on the homepage www.baglamist.com you can find more sheet music of Turkish music: http://www.baglamist.com/t/tini-mini-hanim.htm

DUNAV Homepage – a great source vor video clips, sheet music, recordings and dance instructions: http://www.dunav.org.il/

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The Tarantella – A Famous Italian Folk Dance Tune

Some time ago I have discovered a site with a collection of free sheet music for the fisarmonca – the accordeon. Its mainly a collection of Italian tunes, folk songs, folk dances and also some opera melodies. When I visited this site again I looked at some Tarantellas and decided to write a post about this famous Italian dance that is very often played on the mandolin.

The Tarantella is one of the important and well known Italian folk dances. Especially the Tarantella from Napoli is famous. This tarantella is also known as the Wedding Tarantella. With the abc tune search you can find this and other traditional tarantellas from different regions in Italy.

There are still some tsypical Italian folk groups who pay the tarantella with mandolin, accordeon, tambourine, guitar and fiddle. And very often two or three dancers dance with the music like in the first video of my playlist below.

A tarantella well known to the guitar players is the tarantella by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco. Roman Gurochkin has made this great video with the guitarist Asva Selvutina:

“Tarantella” Mario Castelnuovo – Tedesco, Asya Selyutina (classical guitar)

Many videos at yoputube show performances of folk dance groups – but very often the music used is not the best. The tarantella as a dance is also used in theatre and ballet. A great example is this tarantella from the ballet Napoli by Danish composer  Bournonville:

Bournonville: Tarantella Napoli

Playlist Tarantella

In this playlist I have collected many tarantellas including folk dace, folk ensembles, versions for mandolin, mandolin and guitar, guitar, accordeon and orchestra. Enjoy the Italian tarantella!

Additional Information

Wikipedia about the tarantella (German): http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tarantella

Wikipedia about the tarantella (English.): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tarantella

Wikipedia about the ballet Napoli: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Napoli_%28ballet%29

Diskussion in the Mandolin Cafe (with information and sheet music): http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/showthread.php?57691-Tarentella

Another post about a tarantella: Tarantella Siziliana – Mit Gitarre, Mandoline und Maultrommel

youtube channel Roman Gurochkin: http://www.youtube.com/user/Gurochkin


I have collected many sources for sheet music of tarantellas:

Three tarantellas for the accordeon (manuscript): http://www.cabrillo.edu/~stappero/Music%20Sheets/MusicIndex.htm

Sheetmusic at IMSLP – classical versions, many versions for the piano: http://www.google.com/search?q=site:imslp.org+tarantella

Paganini – Tarantella for violin and guitar (ther is a video of this tarantella with flute and guitar in my playlist): http://imslp.org/wiki/Tarantella_for_Violin_and_Guitar_%28Paganini,_Niccol%C3%B2%29

Sheetmusic and TABs for mandolin: http://www.traditionalmusic.co.uk/american-mandolin-tab/tarantella.htm

Sheetmusic and TABs for guitar: http://www.traditionalmusic.co.uk/american-guitar-tab/tarantella.htm

Sheetmusic  for flute: http://www.flutetunes.com/tunes.php?id=543

Traditional Italian tune

The “Tarantella” dance music is probably the most recognized tune of all Italian folk music. You can see this dance at authentic southern Italian weddings, and obviously it appears in the famous 1972 film The Godfather. In The Godfather Part II, Frankie Pentangeli tries to get the wedding band (who is not Italian) to play a tarantella; they end up playing “Pop Goes the Weasel” instead!

Sheetmusic (abc tune search) – the most important tarantella folk tunes: http://abcnotation.com/searchTunes?q=tarantella&f=c&o=a&s=0

Carlo Aonzo – Northern Italian & Ticino Region Folk Songs for Mandolin

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