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Danilo Brito (Bandolim) and André Mehmari (Piano) – Complete…

Danilo Brito is one of the best bandolim players in Brazil. He has performed together with Mike Marshall and other American mandolin players. Now I have found the following concert which he gave together with piano player André Mehmari. The program was composed of compositions by Ernesto Nazareth, Garoto or Zequinha de Abreu, and also some compositions by the two artists.

Its difficult to describe the music, it’s a mix of Brazilian Choro, classical music, with influences from Portuguese Fado musica and maybe also some influences from Jazz.

Playlist Danilo Brito (bandolim) and André Mehmari (piano)

Bandolim e piano se encontram no duo formado por Danilo Brito e André Mehmari, que pode ser definido como música pura, arte e emoção. Ambos compositores e com sólida carreira nacional e internacional formam o duo que combina suas peculiaridades e suas semelhanças, com uma sintonia única. No repertório, Amoroso de Garoto, Floraux de Nazereth e Branca de Zequinha de Abreu, além de composições dos dois artistas.

Enjoy this fantastic concert with Danilo Brito and André Mehmari!

Additional information

Watch Danilo Brito in a Tiny Desk Concert at the NPR

Website Danilo Brito (port.)

Webiste Danilo Brito (engl.)

Presentation of Danilo Brito on Musica Extraordinária website





Hamilton de Holanda – The great Brazilian Bandolim Player…

I have compiled a new playlist with Hamilton de Holanda and listened to this great Brazilian bandolim player during the last weeks. Hamilton plays alone, with piano or with bigger ensembles. He plays his 10-strings bandolim which has become very popular in Brazil during the recent years.

Hamilton plays traditional choros, Brazilian Jazz and many of his own compositions. He is a fantastic, creative musician and composer, and he is travelling around the world with his music.

Enjoy the music of Hamilton de Holanda!

Additional information

Interview with Hamilton de Holanda – a geat way to hear about his music and the bandolim:

Website Hamilton de Holanda

Wikipedia about Hamilton de Holanda

link collection Hamilton de Holanda – reviews, interviews, etc.

Interview with Hamilton de Holanda (German)

“Gute Musik braucht keine Etiketten, um zu existieren”, sagt Hamilton de Holanda, der schon seit 33 Jahren vernarrt in den Bandolim ist, eine Weiterentwicklung der Mandoline.


Discover the Music of Brazil – Brazilian Music Day…

On Sept. 7, 2012 the Brazilian Music Day was organized by the ARChive of Contemporary Music:

The Archive of Contemporary Music has called for participation in the Brazilian Music Day and has organized and collected all kinds of events about the music of Brazil.

As the result the special Brazilian Music day Website was launched. This website offers a great resource to find information about Brazilian music. It contains a huge list of Brazilian artists, websites, blogs, radio stations – almost everything that deals with Brazilian music can be found on this site.

In the special youtube channel many playlists of Brazilian artists have been created. I have dicovered the following Brazilian band among those playlists – a fantastic band with cavaquinho and cavaco banjo:

Grupo Revelação – Tá Escrito (Ao Vivo no Morro)

During the last days I have updated the page about choro and Brazilian music on my website. I have updated the links and added some new topics, including a list with some podcasts and playlists with choro music:

Choro – Musikalische Impressionen aus Rio de Janeiro

By Helena Rüegg – A radio feature by the German radio station WDR.


Radio MEC – Roda de Choro Podacst

A (almost) weekly Choro Podcast!


SOASRADIO Podcast über Choro

A two-hour Podcast with a lot of  Choro music


Rádio UOL – Playlist Chorinho

A playlist with many great Choros:


I have listened mainly to Brazilian music durcing tha last days, I have send many tweets about Brazilian Music to my twitter feed and posted some great videos to tumbler

If you are interested in the music of Brazil you should visit the Brazilian Music Day website!

To end this post – here is the first part of a great movie about the music and musicians of Brazil:

More posts about Brazil in my blog: http://www.mandoisland.com/?tag=brazil

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Jorge Cardoso – New Blog about the Bandolim, Choro…

Jorge Cardoso Trio – “Quando me lembro” (Luperce Miranda)

Jorge Cardoso has informed me about his new blog:

I would like to present you my new blog

In this blog you can find a lot of information about Jorge Cardoso as well as other musicians from Brazil like Ernesto Nazareth, Luperce Miranda, Jacob do Bandolim and more.

I have found the following Brazilian radio show with Jorge Cardoso with some musical examples which can be listened too online or downloaded as mp3.

Especial Jorge Cardoso e o CD Bandolim do Brasil

Playlist with a TV-show with Jorge Cardoso


youtube channel Jorge Cardoso: http://www.youtube.com/user/Jorgebandolim/videos

Sheet music by Jorge Cardoso and others: http://www.bandolim.net/partituras (does not work at the moment, I hope it will be corrected soon)
blog bandolim.net: http://www.bandolim.net/