Jorge Cardoso – New Blog about the Bandolim, Choro and Brazilian Music

Jorge Cardoso Trio – “Quando me lembro” (Luperce Miranda)

Jorge Cardoso has informed me about his new blog:

I would like to present you my new blog

In this blog you can find a lot of information about Jorge Cardoso as well as other musicians from Brazil like Ernesto Nazareth, Luperce Miranda, Jacob do Bandolim and more.

I have found the following Brazilian radio show with Jorge Cardoso with some musical examples which can be listened too online or downloaded as mp3.

Especial Jorge Cardoso e o CD Bandolim do Brasil

Playlist with a TV-show with Jorge Cardoso

Additional information

New website of Jorge Cardoso

youtube channel Jorge Cardoso:

Sheet music by Jorge Cardoso and others: (does not work at the moment, I hope it will be corrected soon)


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