Discover the Music of Brazil – Brazilian Music Day Sept. 7, 2012 – Choro and Bandolim

On Sept. 7, 2012 the Brazilian Music Day was organized by the ARChive of Contemporary Music:

The Archive of Contemporary Music has called for participation in the Brazilian Music Day and has organized and collected all kinds of events about the music of Brazil.

As the result the special Brazilian Music day Website was launched. This website offers a great resource to find information about Brazilian music. It contains a huge list of Brazilian artists, websites, blogs, radio stations – almost everything that deals with Brazilian music can be found on this site.

In the special youtube channel many playlists of Brazilian artists have been created. I have dicovered the following Brazilian band among those playlists – a fantastic band with cavaquinho and cavaco banjo:

Grupo Revelação – Tá Escrito (Ao Vivo no Morro)

During the last days I have updated the page about choro and Brazilian music on my website. I have updated the links and added some new topics, including a list with some podcasts and playlists with choro music:

SOASRADIO Podcast über Choro

A two-hour Podcast with a lot of  Choro music

I have listened mainly to Brazilian music durcing tha last days, I have send many tweets about Brazilian Music to my twitter feed and posted some great videos to tumbler

If you are interested in the music of Brazil you should visit the Brazilian Music Day website!

To end this post – here is the first part of a great movie about the music and musicians of Brazil:

More posts about Brazil in my blog:

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