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The best Mandolin Duets – Sheet Music and Videos

Some time ago I have been asked if I can recommend any mandolin duets. So I started to make some research and look for videos and sheet music for two mandolins.

Duets for two mandolins are not so frequently found as duets for mandolin and guitar. Sheet music for two mandolins is more difficult to find.

The most important artists playing music for two mandolins today are probably Caterina Lichtenberg and Mike Marshall. Carlo Aonzo has played together with Brian Oberlin on some occasions. Mike Marshall has played together with Chris Thiele and with the bandolim players Hamilton de Holanda or Danilo Brito. All Bluegrass mandolin players are used to play melody and chords – so they do occasionally play as a mandolin duo.

Pieces for a melody instrument with accompaniment can be played as a mandolin duet if the second mandolin plays the chords or improvises a second part. In my playlist you can find several examples of this.

Classical Mandolin Duets – A List of the BDZ

On the website of the BDZ (Bund Deutscher Zupfmuskier, association of mandolin orchestras in Germany) you can find several lists of sheet music for mandolin and guitar, including a list for mandolin duet.

sheet music for mandolin and guitar
sheet music for two mandolins.

Playlist – Mandolin Duets

In my playlist of mandolin duets I have collected classical mandolin duets but also mandolin duets with bluegrass, folk or choro. Let yourself be inspired to find interesting music for two mandolins.

Duo Galante – Musik für Mandoline – Playlist

Caterina Lichtenberg and Silke Lisko have recorded an album with music for two mandolins some time ago. This album includes classical mandolin duets from the 18th century and duets from the romantic period (Calace, Munier). The complete album is available at youtube.

You can find many mandolin duets in the old mandolin methods from around 1900. The method by Cristofaro includes so called Recreations for teacher and student. Some great sounding duets can be found in the method by Janvier Pietrapertosa. You can check the free mandolin methods on my website MandoIsland –  Mandolin method – MandoIsland.

I have collected links for syllabuses for the mandolin  check this: Linksammlung Lehrplan Mandoline

Domra Duo – The Duet Oliver is a duo composed of two domra players. The music played by this duet might give some ideas waht else could be played with two mandolins.

Duet Oliver – Domra Duo

Additional Information

In the Petrucci Library you can also find sheet music for two mandolins, but also music for two violins or two flutes which could also be played with two mandolins:

sheet music for two mandolins in the Petrucci Library (IMSLP)
sheet music for two violins
sheet music for two flutes

You can find most of the available sheet music in the shop of the Trekel publishing company:

Sheet music for two mandolins in the Trekel shop

On the website you can find free sheet music for flute. This includes more than 600 duets for two flutes:
sheet music for two flutes

Link collection mandolin duets


Florentino Calvo – An Important Mandolinist from France

Florentino Calvo is one of the leading mandolinists from France. He has studied mandolin and guitar at the concervatory of music and dance in Argenteuil with Mario Monti and in the masterclass of Alberto Ponce.

Florentino Calvo is especially interested in contemporary music. Together with the trio Polycordes (mandolin, harp and guitar) he has premiered and recorded many contemporary compositions.

But Florentino Calvo has also recorded several albums with the most important works for the mandoline of the 17th century and the Romantic age for mandolin solo or mandolin with piano, harpsichord or guitar.

Florentino Calvo is also the conductor of several orchestras like the Ensemble MG21.

I have found several live videos with Florentino Calvo and playlists of some of the albums.

Playlist Florentino Calvo

Beethoven Sonatine, recordings with the Trio Polycordes, Florentino Calvo as conductor

Complete albums at youtube

Gabriele Leone: Six sonates pour la mandoline et basse, Livre I (2015)

Ensemble Spirituoso

From Prag to Vienna

Florentino Calvo, Mandoline and Aline Zylberajch, Piano

Florentino Calvo – Mandoline

Works for mandolin solo by Bach, Beer-Demander, Calace, Campo, Laurent and Leone

Duo Spirituoso – La Mandoline Baroque (2012)

Florentino Calvo, Mandoline and Maria Lucia Barros, harpsichord

More information about this album at Arion Music

Recital de Mandoline (2002)

Works for mandolin solo by Calace, Konietzny, Nakano, Riggieri, Mandonico, Gladd and Fantauzzi

Portraits en forme de miroir: Mandoline (2006)

Works for mandolin solo by Calace, Gal, Konietzny, Lacamp, Marucelli and Munier

Additional Information

Website Trio Polycordes

Biography Florentino Calvo (Trio Polycordes)

Website Ensemble MG21

Bio Florentino Calvo (engl.) – Highresaudio

Florentino CALVO
studied music at the National Music and Ballet School of Argenteuil, a very renowned place of mandolin teaching in France. He was awarded a first prize in the mandolin class of his teacher Mario Monti. In the same school, he studied the guitar in master Alberto Ponce’s class as well as analysis and harmony in Gérard Gastanié’s class.

He gives regular performances with the “Orchestre du Théâtre National de l’Opéra de Paris” and with other prestigious orchestras such as the “Ensemble Inter-Contemporain”, the “Orchestre National de France”, the “Orchestre de Paris”, the “Orchestre Philarmonique de Radio-France”. He has also appeared with other groups or ensembles such as “Ars Nova”, “l’Itinéraire”, “Diabolicus”, Collegium Novum. Co-founder member of the “TrioPolycordes” with the harpist Isabelle Daups and the guitarist Jean-Marc Zvellenreuther, he has been devoting himself to the contemporary repertoire – he has been offered works by Klaus Huber, Alexandros Markéas, Alain Louvier, Philippe Schoeller, Régis Campo, Ivan Bellocq, François Rossé, Zad Moultaka, Stéphane Leach, Gilles Carré, Luis Naòn…

His interest in plucked stringed instruments and his encounters with different musicians or composers led him to play other instruments such as the mandola, the mandolocello, the bouzouki and the oud. Since 1991, he has been directing the plectrum orchestra of the “Estudiantina d’Argenteuil”. Since 1995, beside Master Alberto Ponce, he has been supervising an international training course of mandolin within the Krüger foundation (Mas de la Coume) at Mosset near Prades.

Website – Trio polycordes, Florentino Calvo, Estudiantina d’Argenteuil, RÜKA, Mareike Schellenberger, Frederique Cambreling, Jean-Marc Zvellenreuther, etc.

CD catalog


Anna Torge – Mandolin and Baroque Mandolin – Concertos…

The German mandolin player Anna Torge has studied modern and historical mandolin at the music university Köln/Wuppertal with Prof. Marga Wilden-Hüsgen. Anna Torge has played two mandolin concertos in a concert of the Haydn-Festival in Brühl. This concert has been recorded by the WDR radio station and is available for streaming for a limited time.


Joseph Haydn Sinfonie d-Moll, Hob I:34

Johann Andreas Kauchlitz Konzert D-Dur für Mandoline und Streicher

Joseph Haydn Sinfonie d-Moll “Lamentatione”, Hob I:26 / Ouvertüre D-Dur zur Oper “Acide e Galatea”, Hob Ia:5

Giovanni Hoffmann Konzert D-Dur für Mandoline, Streicher, 2 Oboen und 2 Hörner

Joseph Haydn Sinfonie f-moll “La Passione”, Hob I:49

Anna Torge, Mandoline; Concerto Köln, Violine und Leitung: Markus Hoffmann

Recording from Aug. 27th 2018 Schloss Augustusburg, Brühl

The concert is available for streaming until Nov. 17 2018 on the WDR website and also on Soundcloud.

Anna Torge has recorded several mandolin albums during the last years. I have found the following two albums at youtube:

Playlist: Mandolin Concertos

Mandolin concertos by Emanuele Barbella, Giovanni Francesco Giuliani, Anonymous (Paisiello) and Giovanni Hoffmann; Anna Torge und die Kölner Akademie mit Michael Alexander Willens

Playlist: Mandolino e Violino in Italia

Concertos * Trios * Sonatas by Antonio Vivaldi, Carlo Arrigioni, Ranieri Capponi and Johann A. Hasse

Additional Information

The following informations are mostly in German!

Website Anna Torge

CD-review mdr (German): Anna Torge bringt Mandoline und Violine auf Augenhöhe

Neue Produktionen aus dem Deutschlandfunk Kammermusiksaal (German): Glockenreiner Saitenklang und Maurerfreuden

Gitarre & Laute Online (German) – Anna Torge spielt Mandolinenkonzerte

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Mandolin Concertos

Mandolin and Violin in Italy


Japan Mandolin Union – 26th Solo Mandolin Competition –…

The Japan Mandolin Union (JMU) has held their 50th anniversary this year. Beside the publication of a regular journal about mandolin activities in Japan the JMU every two years a solo mandolin competition is executed.

This year the JMU has started their own youtube channel with videos from the anniversary concert and from the 26th solo mandolin competition

JMU 50th Anniversary Concert Part 2 SinfoniaTre-Pick (Composition: Hiroyuki Fujikake, Performance: Ensemble / Amedeo)

JMU 50th Anniversary Concert, Mandolin’s Poems (Composition: Takashi Kubota, Performance: Kubota Mandolinen Orchester)

The 26th Mandolin Soloist Competition Honorary / 1st Yoshihisa Fujikawa
Mandolin: Akiyoshi Fujikawa
Klavier: Yumi Fujii

Stria Hart: Fünf Arabesken aus Nr. 1, Nr. 5
T. Vitali: Chaconne
Schostakowitsch: Violinkonzert Nr. 1, 4. Satz

The 26th Mandolin Solo Contest Finale / 2nd Place Shinobu Arino

Mandoline: Arki Shinohara
Klavier: Haruka Kawachi

Stria Hart: Fünf Arabesken aus Nr. 1, Nr. 5
Raffaele Calace: Rapsodia Napoletana

Website Japan Mandolin Union