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Como Llora Una Estrella – A Great Venezuelan Tune…

Some time ago I was looking for a new pice for my pupil, so I checked the pieces available on the Mandozine website. One of the pieces that I have tried was Como Llora una Estrella by Antonio Carrillo that can be found here:

Mandozine “Como Llora una Estrella”

The transcription is based on the version by John Reischman from the CD “Travellers” (with Butch Baldassari)

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My arrangement of “Como llora una estrella” – mandolin solo

There are many recordings of Como llora una Estrella, I have collected a playlist with some of the recordings that I like, including versions for the guitar by John Williams and Alirio Diaz:


Another great recording – played by a group of handicapped youths:

Como llora una estrella

El Grupo de Cuatros ALASID, integrado por 13 jóvenes con síndrome de Down, uno con discapacidad intelectual por otra causa y tres regulares … all » interpretan, en el Teatro Juárez de Barquisimeto, la pieza musical Como Llora una Estrella, del músico larense Antonio Carrillo. Directora del grupo es la Prof. Fátima de Fernandes. Esa presentación fue durante el bautizo de su primer CD, titulado Despertar.

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The Ensemble Percujazz from Venezuela – With Bandola and…

Today I have searched for new videos from Venezuela with bandola llanera or cuatro – and during this search I have found some videos of an ensemble named Percujazz.

Percujazz is composed of five young musicians, with the typical venezuelan instruments bandola llanera, cuatro and maracas aswell as violin and electric bass.

The ensemble has first met during the Barquisimeto International Jazz Festival where important jazz musicians played, including the famous Alexis Cardenas on violin.

They have created their own style from venezoelan music, lantin american music and jazz – a great mix of rhythms ond styles.

  • Roberto Perez de Guanare, Bandola Llanera.
  • Argenis Corvo, E-Bass
  • Erickson Barquisimeto Escalona, Violine
  • Rafael Marchan, Cuatro
  • Sergio Escobar Maracas, Percussion

Percujazz en Concierto: “Bossa Nova para Bandola”

I have composed a playlist with the videos by the Ensemble Percujazz:

Playlist Percujazz

More Information about the Ensemble Percujazz

Homepage of the Ensemble Percujazz: http://www.percujazz.com/

Dossier about the ensemble Percujazz from their homepage –  google translation to english: http://translate.google.de/translate?js=n&prev=_t&hl=de&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&sl=es&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.percujazz.com%2Findex.php%3Fmod%3Ddossier

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Pajarillo – My favorite tune from Venezuela – The…

My favorite tune from Venezuela is the Pajarillo. This tune is typically played on the Venezuelan cuatro, a four-string instrument similar to a tenor ukulele. However the famous Alexis Cardenas and the Youth Symphony Orchestra from Venezuela do also play this tune in their concerts. In their program the Pajarillo is often one of the last pieces that adds the music from Venezuela to the mainly classical programs they play before.

So I start with this fantastic version of Fuga con Pajarillo conducted by the famous Gustavo Dudamel:

“Fuga con Pajarillo”II Parte Gustavo Dudamel “Teresa Carreño” Youth Symphony Orchestra

Everytime I listen to some Pajarillos I have the strong desire to play with them. The structure is so simple, but it is almost impossible not to move with this music. The same chord are repeated again and again, but this makes it necessary to improvise all the time to make the tune interesting.

The following video shows a fantastic version played by a string ensemble with bandola llanera, cuatro, guitar, bass guita and maracas – in this video you can see the instruments and the playing technique very good.

09 05 08 “Pajarillo” por Ensamble Venezuela

09 05 08 “Pajarillo” por Ensamble Venezuela
Hochgeladen von CCSBolivar. – Sieh mehr Musikvideos, in HD!

Another version I like very much is the following version played by by a mandolin orchestra – the Estudiantina UNEXPO de Puerto Ordaz. Again you can hear a very interesting solo on the cuatro  in the second part of this video.

Pajarillo y Chipola. Estudiantina UNEXPO de Puerto Ordaz

Playlist Pajarillo

In the playlist you can find the best Pajarillo videos that I have found. It starts with a very good jazz version with Huascar Barradas (flute) and Jorge Polanco (cuatro). The list includes a version by Recoveco with Alexis Cardenas (violin) and Ricardo Sandoval (cuatro) and two versions from the Berklee College of Music with arrangements by Sandro Morales Santoro, one with a violin as solo instrument, another with a flute as solo instrument.

I have also included another videos of the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra from a Proms concert – a fantastic performance that cannot be topped  you really should not miss this video!

At the end I have added the famous Fandango for harpsichord by Antonio Soler.


Additional information

Cuatro Venezolano and Bandola Llanera in the Atlas of Plucked Instruments:

Wikipedia about Joropo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joropo

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Ricardo Sandoval and Alexis Cardenas – Recoveco – Great…

Ricardo Sandoval was born in Venezela, but he lives in France now. He plays the mandolin and the typical Venezuelan instruments cuatro and bandola llanera. In 2007 he played together with his band Recoveco on the french television. They played a piece composed by Ricardo Sandoval name Ibagué me quieras. In this video Ricard Sandoval played the mandolin:

RECOVECO sur France Musique

“Ibagué me quieras” de Ricardo Sandoval / Recoveco en el programa de Arièle Butaux “Sur tous les tons” / France Musique – Radio France

Another member of Recoveco is the fantastic violin player Alexis Cardenas. Alexis Cardenas is known as a classical violin player, but he also plays the music of his homeland Venezuela very well.

In this video Recoveco plays their version of a Pajarillo, a very popular tune in Venezuela, which goes back to the Spanish fandango nad is usually played on the Venezuelan cuatro. Alexis Cardenas combines this tune with barock music by J. S. Bach – a very interesting combination of styles. Later a long solo part played on the maracas follows, and then the plucked instruments take over the lead. Ricardo Sandoval plays the venezuelan cuatro in this video. This is really good music, I have watched the video several times – enjoy this!

YouTube – Alexis Cardenas y RECOVECO

See also: Pajarillo – The Cuatro Venezolano – Venezuela

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