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Jupiter Creek Music – Australia – Electric Ukulele

Jupiter Creek Music was an Australian company that produced electric mandolins and ukuleles. In 2012 Rob Dick who owned the company passed away.

On the homepage of Jupiter Creek Music you could find a lot of information about the building of electric mandolins and ukuleles. A virtual workshop tour showed, how electric mandolins and other instruments are built.  Jupiter Creek did also build stomp boxes, wooden boxes with a microphone built in, which could be used to make percussion sounds like a drumset.

Very interesting was the production of neck plates and tail pieces. Those parts are not generally available for mandolins and ukuleles, so they have to be built especially.

The homepage of Jupiter Creek does not exist any more…

There are still two videos available at youtube the use an electric ukulele built by Jupiter Creek – a nice demonstration about what can be done with such an electric ukulele:

Greg Franklin plays While My Guitar Gently Weeps on electric ukelele

Greg Franklin improvises on the classic George Harrison song “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”. Playing a custom built electric ukelele. He recreates Eric Claptons original concept of weepin…

Greg Franklin plays wild electric ukelele (ukulele) blues

Demonstration of blues played on a four string electric ukelele (ukulele) by Greg Franklin in the style of Eric Clapton, Jeff Healey and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Jupiter Creek Electric Mandolin

Message in the Mandolin Cafe Message Board:


Hi to all members in this group.
My Dad suddenly passed away last week so unfortunately Jupiter Creek Music is no longer. A very very sad time for the family.
I will put an update on the group wall in the near future.
Kristie Pope

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The new Grand Concert Mandolin by Labraid – Built…

Joe Brent and Brian Dean have developed a new mandolin, the Grand Concert.

The first videos played with this mandolin are available at youtube, and I think that there will be some discussion about this new type of a mandolin.

Brian Dean has made a video with pictures from the construction of this mandolin, with music played by Joe Brent on the mandolin.

Slow Motion played by Joe Brent

The form of this mandolin resembles a small guitar, it has a true back and a second protective back that allows the true back to be a real resonance back. Joe Brent wanted an instrument that sounds clear from the lowest string up to the 27th fret, and one that could be played in a standing position. He also wanted an instrument that allows him to play with an ensemble without amplification. And I think he has got what he wanted.

The first video shows Joe together with clarinet and double bass:

Astor Piazzolla: Bandoneon

Joseph Brent, mandolin
Ken Robinson, clarinet
Eddy Khaimovich, bass

This video shows, that the sound of this mandolin has no problem to compete with a clarinet – this is one of my favorite videos:

Joseph Brent plays ‘Race For The Prize’ by The Flaming Lips

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