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Love Song (C. Munier) LIVE – Kozo Onishi –…

Kozo Onishi has published a video with a recording of the Love Song by Carlo Munier. This is a typical piece of the romantic mandolin repertoir of the late 19th century, and together with the Capriccio Spagnuolo one of the best pieces by C. Munier for the mandolin.

The Love Song contains many special romantic picking techniques like tremolo over all four strings with full chords and the duo style technique, with tremolo and a staccata at the same time.

This interesting recording was made from a concert in 2008

youtube channel of Kozo Onishi:



Juggling with Musical Instruments – Ukulele and Mandolin

Ukuleles and mandolins are small instruments, and they behave similar to the clubs used for juggling. So it is no surprise, that ukuleles and mandolins are used for juggling tricks.

Warning: Do not try those tricks with your expensive vintage koa ukulele – if you want to learn this you should try to get some very cheap ukuleles 😉

The German duo extra art has a very special trick with a total of 6 ukuleles. The two jugglers juggle with the ukes and at the same time play the tune Asturias on the instruments. It is almost unbelievable, but you can see it in the following video:


David Cain has made a video with some ukulele juggling trick for the Bushman Ukulele Contest:

David Cain: Ukulele Juggling Tricks

A video with a juggler using a mandolin can be found in the online archive of British Pathé:


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LA SEXTA BASICA – Music from Venezuela with Mandolin

I have dicovered this video already some time ago, and I heard it again today. La Sexta Basica is a group composed of typical Venezuelan plucked instruments and a singer. They play a very interesting mix of traditional Venezuelan music with a modern sound.

These are very good examples of how to use plucked instruments in a group with a singer. Enjoy the videos!

Pueblos Tristes – La Sexta Basica-Musica Venezolana

“Pueblos tristes” original de Otilio Galindez interpretado por La Sexta Basica en Lunacreciente Studios.Caracas, Venezuela.
La Sexta Básica son:
Guitarra, voz y dirección: Pablo Escalona
Guitarra: José Manuel Cardona
Mandolina y Bandola llanera: Mariana Cardona
Mandolina y voz: Roselyn Rondón
Cuatro y voz: Lilian Córdova



Aqui esta el indio – La Sexta basica-bandola llanera -pajarillo

La Sexta basica, grupo de musica venezolana contemporanea.

Director, guitarra y voz: Pablo Escalona
Mandolina: Roselyn Rondon.
cuatro:Liliam Cordova
guitarra: Jose Manuel cardona
bandola llanera: Mariana Cardona
Contrabajo: Jesus Milano

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Mandolin – My new blog in English about mandolin,…

This blog is intended as an English version of my blog

I am collecting usefull information about the mandolin, the guitar and other plucked instruments from all over the world with interesting youtube videos.

I have started the German blog some time ago as an addon for my homepage MandoIsland has grown for many years and is a source for information about the mandolin and its music, from classical and Brazilian choro to Jazz and Bluegrass.

During the years many links to interesting sites have been collected, and a lot of information ahs been compiled, mainly in German, but a big part has already been translated to English.

With youtube it is now very easy to find sources for all kind of music and artists. In my blog I am collecting interesting videos and additional information about topics like the Chinese plucked instruments, classical guitar videos, newcommer bands, the Kretan lute, the Venezuelan bandola llanera and cuatro …..

I will translate the most interesting posts from the last year to English step by step, so please come again and see whats new.

My Mandolin Videos Playlist

My Best Classical Mandolin Videos Playlist

Enjoy the mandolin!