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Kiyoto Tanaka (Kiyond) – Great Movies about the Construction…

I have discovered the facebook profile of  Kiyoto Tanaka, a Japanese luthier who builds romantic guitars and other instruments. Kiyoto Tanaka has documented the construction of his guitars in very detailed videos. It looks like magic how he uses his Japanese woodworking tools to take some wood and make a beautiful guitar out of it.

But first I recommend the following video with a little box-harp and a 19th century guitar:

The lullaby by box-harp and 19th century guitar.

Plays Sor with the guitar of own manufacturing.

The guitar construction videos show many steps of the construction of the guitar mainly using Japanese hand tools in real time.

Playlist Guitar Construction Kiyoto Tanaka

Weitere Informationen

youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/KOKOMADE7

Homepage: http://www6.ocn.ne.jp/~kiyond/


Lakewood Guitars – Martin Seeliger – Peter Finger (Fingerpicking…

Martin Seeliger has started to build steelstring guitars in Germany in the earl 1980s. Today his brand Lakewood Guitars is known as a source for great guitars for fingerpickers, and many great artists are playing Lakewood guitars.

On the website of the German guitar magazine Akustik Gitarre you can find a very interesting video with an interview with Marting Seeliger (in German only), and during the interview some interesting steps from the production of Lakewood Guitars can be seen.

Lakewood Guitars has its own youtube channel where you can find some interesting videos with Lakewood guitars played by different artists.

Peter Finger is a great fingerpicker who plays Lakewood Guitars. Here is a great example of a piece by Peter Finger – Getaway:

Peter Finger – “Getaway”

Homepage Lakewood Guitars: http://www.lakewood.de/

youtube channel of Lakewood Guitars: http://www.youtube.com/user/lakewoodguitars

Homepage Akustik Gitarre (German): http://www.akustik-gitarre.com/

Playlist Peter Finger with many  great fingerpicking guitar videos:

aa mandolin guitar

Hervé Coufleau – Beautiful Mandolins and Guitars made in…

I have just found an article on LaGuitare.com

with the presentation of a mandolin built by luthier Hervé Coufleau. This mandolin is highly decorated with mother of pearl inlays – a very special and beautiful instrument.

The mandolin is is also shown on the myspace page of Hervé Coufleau:

More picures and an article about this special mandolin can be found on the LaGuitare homepage:


Hervé has taken part in the Montreal Guitar Salon in 2008, a short video shows pictures from this event:

Luthier Hervé Coufleau Salon guitare Montréal

Video Guitar Salon in Montreal

Another video shows pictures from an exhibition in Ballainvilliers (France):


You can find other videos from this exhibition with reports about other luthiers on this page:


Homepage LaGuitare.com: http://www.laguitare.com/

Album of my red mandolin built by Hervé Coufleau: http://www.mandoisland.de/album_coufleau01/

Homepage Hervé Coufleau: http://www.creationgo.net/coufleauguitars/

aa mandolin guitar

Helliver Guitars – Beautiful Electric Guitars from Germany

This week I have a beautiful guitar on my Alfred’s Guitar Calender, so I thought I should find out more about this guitar and its maker.

Is a Helliver F guitar, built in a small workshop in Münster in Germany.  Only about 25 guitars are built every year. A slideshow of many guitars built by Helliver can be seen in the following video:

Helliver Guitars – Slideshow

A short TV report about Helliver guitars

Helliver Guitars – German TV

German Blues guitarist Gregor Hilden has developed his own Gregor Hilden Signature Model with Helliver and has a set of videos with this instrument – this is the first one:

Helliver “Gregor Hilden Signature” Model Part1 (Fender Amp)

Links about Helliver Guitars

Homepage: http://www.helliver.de/

Myspace page of Helliver Guitars: http://www.myspace.com/helliver_guitars

Report about  Helliver Guitars (German): http://www.einslive.de/magazin/specials/2009/anders_arbeiten/e_gitarrenbauer.jsp

another blog about Helliver Guitars: http://guitarz.blogspot.com/2010/04/helliver-guitars-made-in-germany_30.html