Three Easy Fiddle Tunes – Over the Waterfall * St. Anne’s Reel * Fisher’s Hornpipe

I am currently reworking some fiddle tunes which I want to play with my duo partner with two mandolins. So I decided that I should present those tunes, togehter with sheet music links and additional information here in my blog.

Fiddle Tune Medley

Over the Waterfall

Michelle Shocked has used the two melodies Over the Waterfall and St. Anne’s Reel on her CD Arkansas Traveller – that’s one of my all time favorite CDs:

Over the Waterfall – Glenn Allan + Kim Mackenzie

Glenn Allan + Kim Mackenzie, live at Riley’s Tavern, 3/21/10. Music and Lyrics by Michelle Shocked, from her 1992 Arkansas Traveller.

St. Annes Reel

St. Annes Reel is the next tune, it sounds very similar to Over the Waterfall:

St Anne’s Reel — Aly Bain with Jerry Douglas, Russ Barenberg

It’s also good to combine Fisher’s Hornpipe and St. Anne’s Reel like in the next video:

Fisher’s Hornpipe / St. Anne’s Reel

Fisher’s Hornpipe

Fisher’s Hornpipe – Mike Marshall & Chris Thile

Mike Marshall and Chris Thile playing the traditional “Fisher’s Hornpipe” from their record “Into the Cauldron.”

This is a clip from Mike Marshall & Chris Thile’s set on the Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour. You can watch the show in its entirity by visiting the Woodsongs archives at (show #287).

Fisher’s Hornpipe – Cesar Benzoni (mandolin lesson)

Although you will probably not understand the comments to this lesson about Fisher’s Hornpipe it will serve very well if you want to learn this tune. Fisher’s Hornpipe is played in parts and in slower speed, at the end there is a also a good version to play with.

I have also found the following videos with versions of Fisher’s Hornpiep from the beginning of the 20th century – it is interesting to compare the old version with the versions played today.

Fisher’s Hornpipe – Jim Conners

Edison Amberola 30 Playing #1770 Fishers Hornpipe Medley D’Almaine

Additional Information / Sheet Music and more

All three pieces have been presented by Wendy Anthony at bei

Workshop by Wendy Anthony for Over the Waterfall bei

Workshop by Wendy Anthony for Fisher’s Hornpipe bei

Workshop by Wendy Anthony for St. Anne’s Reel bei

more sheet music:

Over the Waterfall at Nigel Gatherer:

St. Anne’s Reel at Nigel Gatherer:

Fisher’s Hornpipe at

Fisher’s Hornpipe at Allan’s Irish Fiddler:

Edison Cylinder recordings of Fisher’s Hornpipe in the Cylinder Preservation Project:

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