Peter Ostroushko and the Prairie Home Companion – Beautiful Melodies

Peter Ostroushko is a mandolin player and composer – and he is one of my favorite mandolin players. So I am very happy that I have found a recent interview with Peter Ostroushko on the site of the Prairie Home Companion.

Interview with Peter Ostroushko 2010 (Prairie Home Companion)

In this interview Peter Ostroushko talks about his latest CD When the Last Morning Glory Blooms. Peter composed many of the pieces on this CD for the Prairie Home Companion, and sometimes played it just once for a show and almost forgot about those tunes – however because those tunes are really gems they have been requested again by listeners and so he decided to put them together on this CD.

During the interview he said:

It’s a collection of nine waltzes’ and one ballad. Many of them were written for friends and/or for performances on “A Prairie Home Companion”. Many of the pieces I never expected to play again once I composed them but I got so many comments from the listening public that I decided they were to good not to be available for every ones listening pleasure.

You can listen to some of the tunes in live recordings from the PHC show and two videos in the interview. These are really beautiful mandolin pieces – I like them very much.

Another similar tune is the following:

Norman Blake & Peter Ostroushko – Marjorie’s Waltz Nr.3

If you like Peter Ostroushkos music you can also visit his website:

There you can also find Peters favorite musical recipes, each of them with a free download for a tune composed by Peter Ostroushko.

Here is another beautiful tune by Peter Ostroushko:

Peter Ostroushko Hymn: 9/11

Peter Ostroushko did also write the music for a documentary about the national parks, the music from the soundtrack of this documentary and some other tunes are available at grooveshark:

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