Peter Ostroushko – Mando Chronicles – Great Compilation of Mandolin Music on Three CDs

Peter Ostroushko is one of my favorite mandolin players – he plays an interesting mix of fiddle tunes, oldtime music, music from the Ukraine where his roots are, classical mandolin pieces and his fantastic own compositions. And he has a great, mellow sound when he plays.

Recently Peter Ostroushko has published his CD-Box The Mando Chronicles, but I did not have the chance to listen to this new work. Each of the three CDs is dedicated to a different style of music. CD 1 contains Americana music, with fiddle tunes, oldtime, but also the C-Jam blues and other jazz pieces.

The second CD is titled “Old World”, the third contains classical music with Vivaldi and Bach, but also South-American music and choro pieces.

Peter Ostroushko – Heart of the Heartland

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Peter Ostroushko – The Mandolin Chronicles

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