Julian Lage – Toast of the Nation – NPR Concert 2012

I have recently discovered a concert with Julian Lage which had been given on the 1st of January 2012. Julian Lage is a very successful young  jazz guitar player, I have already written about him some time ago.

I like the playing of Julian Lage very much, it’s fun to listen to his guitar. He plays a great selection of jazz standards and mostly his own compositions.

The concert was given by the following Julian Lage Quartet:

  • Julian Lage, guitar
  • Larry Grenadier, bass
  • Eric Harland, drums
  • Dan Blake, tenor saxophone

The program was composed of the following pieces, all of them compositions by Julian Lage except for the 3rd piece:

  • “233 Butler”
  • “Grey Lightning”
  • “The Best Thing for You” (Berlin)
  • “Up from the North”
  • “The Time it Takes”
  • “However”

You can find the complete concert on the NPR site:

NPR: http://www.npr.org/event/music/144532044/julian-lage-trio-live-in-concert

A review of this concert can be found on jazztimes.com

Review: http://jazztimes.com/articles/29307-julian-lage-trio-in-boston-dec-31-2011

The second piece of the program – Grey Ligthing – is one of my pavorite pieces. This is a video of the same piece played on the day before the New Years concert by the same quartet – this was the first time this group played togeteher:

Julian Lage Trio – Harland , Grenadier(Greylighting)

The following playlists can be used to listen to many videos with Julian Lage:

Playlist “Julian Lage” by Otto90125:

Playlist “Julian Lage” by Daysofjazztripps:

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