Maria Linnemann – Beautiful music for the Guitar

I am currently playing some pieces by Maria Linnemann on the guitar, and so I thought it would be interesting to present some of her beautiful pieces in my blog.

Maria Linnemann has composed hundreds of pieces for the guitar,  including many pieces for beginners that are quite easy to play, but sound beautiful, and so are very useful for teaching the guitar. Some of her compositions were used in the guitar methods by Heinz Teuchert. When I was teaching the guitar many years ago I have often used her easy folk pieces (Leichte Folklorestücke) .

I have always liked to play her pieces, some of her compositions belong to my favorite and often played guitar pieces. One of my long time favorite of her pieces is Our Time. The only Video of this piece that I have found is the following video played by Kei Tsujibayashi(Japan):

Our Time (Maria Linnemann)

Here is a recording of a beautiful duo for two guitar recorded in 1982:

Juliette (Maria Linnemann)

Here is an archive recording from
1982, of my first duet,’Juliette’.
Many thanks to David Qualey who has
rescued and edited the recording, and
produced the video.

Here is one of the newer pieces for guitar solo – Antonio, a venezuelan waltz:

Antonino [Vals Venezolano] Maria Linnemann

I am proud to be the first to play Maria Linnemann’s Vals Venezolano “Antonino”.
Composed in February 2008. I think this will be a classic for guitarists.

It’s dedicated to Jasper Van Berkel.

On the website of Maria Linnemann you can find information about her compositions, CDs and editions:

My playlist with music by Maria Linnemann

My recordings of Maria Linnemann pieces

My Beautiful Country (Amazon partnerlink)

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