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Phoenix Theatre London - Musical Once musical

London 2013 – The Musical “Once” – With Mandolin,…

London is the musical capital of the world. I think almost every musical you can think of can be seen in London. In the Victoria & Albert Museum we saw an interesting exhibition about theatre and entertainment, with a display about the costumes used in Lion King.

We had seen the ads for the musical Once, and we passed by the Phoenix Theatre where it was played and were impressed by the illuminated neon advertising showing a guitar head. So we decided to visit Once.

The musical plays in Dublin, mostly in a Pub, but also on the street. The stage design was very convincing,  just by changing the light the impression of another situation was created. Especially interesting is the mirror in the back of the stage.

Before the musical begins the musicians are all on the stage and are playing typical Irish folk music, as well as some Croatian tunes with accordion. The band includes guitars, mandolins, a ukulele, a banjo, cello, accordion, drums, double bass and piano. The audience is invited to come to the stage and stand around the band.

Pictures – Musical Once

Videos: Once The Musical performs The North Strand

The cast of Once the Musical busking in Leicester Square tube station

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