Dargason – From John Playford to Gustav Holst – Be Creative when you play Melodies like this!

I have recently started working on a new tune with my student – Dargason. This tune goes back to John Playfords book about dancing – it just one line of music with instructions how to dance to the tune. On the abc notation website you can find this tune as well: This tune is related […]

Troise and his Mandoliers / Banjoliers – Historical Mandolin Orchestra Recordings

Pasquale Troise (1895 – 1957) was born in Naples in 1895. He came to Great Britan during the 1920, first as a member of the London Radio Dance Band, but soon founded his own orchestra, the Selecta Plectrum Mandoline Orchestra, which was later renamed to Troise and his Mandoliers. When the banjo became more popular […]

Simon Mayor and the Mandolinquents – Great Mandolin Music from the UK

Simon Mayor is maybe the most active mandolin player in the UK. He plays everything from classical music to bluegrass. Simon has also releases many instructional books and mandolin methods. I have found the following video of the famous Minute Waltz some months ago, it was filmed during a Christmas concert. This video shows that […]

London 2013 – Melange – World Music from the Middle East and Africa

During our hilidays in London we have visited two free concerts in the National Portrait Gallery. The second concert was given by a group named Melange. Melange was  founded by the cellist Shirley Smart. She has spent many years in Israel and has become acquainted with the music of the East. Melange is playing a […]

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