Laura-Beth Salter (Mandolin) – New CD “Breathe” – Jenn Butterworth – The Shee

On tumblr I have found the announcement of a new CD by Laura-Beth Salter. Laura-Beth Salter sings and plays the mandolin. She performs together with Jenn Butterworth as a duo, but mainly she is a member of the band Shee, a band composed of five women. The new album Breathe will be published on July 1st, the first song from this album Carry Me is available at bandcamp already.

Laura-Beth Salter’s debut album ‘Breathe’ will be released on the 1st of July 2013. You can pre-order now and download a free track at

The style of Laura-Beth Salter is influenced by the Celtic tradition of her country, but also by American root music, blues, oldtime and bluegrass. The recordings that I have found made me curious for the coming CD.

In my playlist I have also added recordings with The Shee. This band with fiddle, guitar, accordion, harp, flute, singing and also step dance has very successfully played at folk festivals in the UK, and some great videos can be found at youtube.

Let’s start with a great video with Jenn Butterworth and Laura-Beth Salter:

Jenn Butterworth & Laura-Beth Salter – ‘Come to Jesus’

A great performace of  The Shee – Troubles:

The Shee – Troubles – Live Crawley Folk Festival 2010

Playlist Jenn Butterworth & Laura-Beth Salter / The Shee

Additional Information

Website Laura-Beth Salter:

Laura-Beth is a mandolin player and vocalist from Lincolnshire who is now based in Glasgow. Her background is in the Blues, Oldtime and Bluegrass music that her parents play, but after studying the Traditional Music Degree in Newcastle she became heavily involved in the folk scene and met her fellow members of of ‘The Shee.’

Website Laura-Beth Salter and Jenn Butterworth:

Jenn Butterworth (vocals / guitar) and Laura-Beth Salter (vocals / mandolin) hail from award winning female super-groups The Anna Massie Band and The Shee.

On this page you can find anothe rgreat video aith Laura-Beth Salter and Jenn Butterworth recorded by the BBC.

Website The Shee:

Recordings by Laura-Beth Salter at Bandcamp:

Recordings by Jenn Butterworth at soundcloud, including some recordings with Laura-Beth Salter:

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