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Anna Torge – Mandolin and Baroque Mandolin – Concertos…

The German mandolin player Anna Torge has studied modern and historical mandolin at the music university Köln/Wuppertal with Prof. Marga Wilden-Hüsgen. Anna Torge has played two mandolin concertos in a concert of the Haydn-Festival in Brühl. This concert has been recorded by the WDR radio station and is available for streaming for a limited time.


Joseph Haydn Sinfonie d-Moll, Hob I:34

Johann Andreas Kauchlitz Konzert D-Dur für Mandoline und Streicher

Joseph Haydn Sinfonie d-Moll “Lamentatione”, Hob I:26 / Ouvertüre D-Dur zur Oper “Acide e Galatea”, Hob Ia:5

Giovanni Hoffmann Konzert D-Dur für Mandoline, Streicher, 2 Oboen und 2 Hörner

Joseph Haydn Sinfonie f-moll “La Passione”, Hob I:49

Anna Torge, Mandoline; Concerto Köln, Violine und Leitung: Markus Hoffmann

Recording from Aug. 27th 2018 Schloss Augustusburg, Brühl

The concert is available for streaming until Nov. 17 2018 on the WDR website and also on Soundcloud.

Anna Torge has recorded several mandolin albums during the last years. I have found the following two albums at youtube:

Playlist: Mandolin Concertos

Mandolin concertos by Emanuele Barbella, Giovanni Francesco Giuliani, Anonymous (Paisiello) and Giovanni Hoffmann; Anna Torge und die Kölner Akademie mit Michael Alexander Willens

Playlist: Mandolino e Violino in Italia

Concertos * Trios * Sonatas by Antonio Vivaldi, Carlo Arrigioni, Ranieri Capponi and Johann A. Hasse

Additional Information

The following informations are mostly in German!

Website Anna Torge

CD-review mdr (German): Anna Torge bringt Mandoline und Violine auf Augenhöhe

Neue Produktionen aus dem Deutschlandfunk Kammermusiksaal (German): Glockenreiner Saitenklang und Maurerfreuden

Gitarre & Laute Online (German) – Anna Torge spielt Mandolinenkonzerte

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Mandolin Concertos

Mandolin and Violin in Italy


Concert in memory of Giuseppe Anedda – June 16th,…

Today I have found this video (audio only) with a recording of a concert in memory of Giuseppe Anedda. The concert was given by the plectum orchestra of the Conservatory “C. Pollini” of Padua, the plectum orchestra of Breganze and the plectum orchestra “Terroni” of Brescia.

The program included a great selection of music for mandolin orchestra.

Concert in memory of Giuseppe Anedda for the centenary of his birth Music Conservatory “C. Pollini”, June 16th 2012

Track 1. Sonata in B minor Op.III n. 3 – Evaristo F. Dall’Abaco, performed by the plectum orchestra of the Conservatory “C. Pollini” of Padua

Track 2. Concert – William Babell, performed by the plectum orchestra of the Conservatory “C. Pollini” of Padua

Track 3. Concert in A minor for 2 violins, strings and harpsichord – Antonio Vivaldi, performed by theplectum orchestra of the Conservatory “C. Pollini” of Padua

Track 4. Concert in E minor RV 550 for 4 mandolins, orchestra and basso continuo – Antonio Vivaldi, performed by the plectum orchestra of Breganze

Track 5. Madrigale per mandoloncello and orchestra – Eugenio Giudici, performed by the plectum orchestra of Breganze

Track 6. Konzertstuck per accordion and orchestra – Fried Walter, performed by the plectum orchestra of Breganze

Track 7. Sinfonia Romantica for orchestra – Giuseppe Anelli, performed by the plectum orchestra of Breganze

Track 8. Concert in G major “Alla Rustica” RV 151 for strings and basso continuo – Antonio Vivaldi, performed by the plectum orchestra “Terroni” of Brescia

Track 9. Concert in B flat major RV 548 for oboe, violin, strings and basso continuo – Antonio Vivaldi, performed by the plectum orchestra “Terroni” of Brescia

Track 10. Russian Rag – Georg L. Cobb, eseguito dall’ Orchestra a plettro Terroni di Brescia

Track 11. Dicitencello Vuie – Rodolfo Falvo, performed by the plectum orchestra “Terroni” of Brescia

Track 12. Concert in B flat major for violin and orchestra – Giovan Battista Pergolesi, performed by the orchestras joined

Track 13. Czardas – Vittorio Monti, performed by the orchestras joined

Recording: Natali Giulio, Lorenzo Malavolta, Valerio Zanini
Post-Production: Lorenzo Malavolta, Valerio Zanini

In the description of the video you can find links to the beginning of each of the pieces.

Additional information

Conservatorio “C. Pollini”, Padua

Website Orchestra a Plettro di Breganze
You can find this orchestra also on facebook.

Centro musicale Mauro e Claudio Terroni


Francesco Mammola – Mandolin Player from Italy – Mandolin…

Francesco Mammola is a young mandolin player from Italy. He has studied in Aquila and has passed with distinction in 2015. His favorite instrument is the mandolin, but he plays the piano and the accordion as well.

During the last years he has given many concerts in Italy and whole Europe. Last year he gave a concert at the festival “Le strade d‘Europa” in Lithuania. The videos made by the local TV station are available at youtube with mandolin concertos by Caudioso, Giuliano and Vivaldi.

Playliste Francesco Mammola und Čiurlionis Quartet

Francesco Mammola, mandolin

Nijolė Dorotėja Beniušytė, harpsichord


Jonas Tankevičius (I Violin)

Darius Dikšaitis (II Violin)

Gediminas Dačinskas (Viola)

Saulius Lipčius (Violoncello)

Filmed at the 9th International Music Festival “Le strade d‘Europa”, 12th November 2017, Vilnius

Francesco Mammola is very active as a mandolin teacher and director of youth ensembles like the Giovane Orchestra Pescolana.

In the following video he plays the famous song Tu vuò fà l’americano by Renato Carrosone to present the mandolin:

Tu vuò fà l’americano

I have made a large playlist with videos with Francesco Mammola. The playlist starts with the videos of a concert given in November 2016. Mammola plays the mandolin together with clarinet, bossoon and piano. The play Italian music with works by Ennio Morricone, Rossini, music from the movie La Vita è Bella, Carneval of Venice, a potpourri with Neapolitan folk songs and the Czardas by Vittorio Monti. The playlist includes some videos from the EXPO in Milano in 2015 where Francesco Mammola played Italian folk music together with Lino Giusti on the guitar.

A concert of the Quintetto a Pizzico Aquilano with Francesco Mammola given in London in June 2013 is also included in the playlist. Read more “Francesco Mammola – Mandolin Player from Italy – Mandolin Concertos and Italian Music”

mandolin orchestra

The Ciao Philadelphia Mandolin Orchestra Performs Music from Classic…

For the forth edition of Ciao Philadelphia a big mandolin orchestra played a concert dedicated to the music of classic Italian films. Videos form this concert are now available at youtube.

The following video is a compilation of the best melodies from the concert:

Members from 10 mandolin and guitar orchestras from across Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, and Washington DC gathered to form the 60-piece Ciao Philadelphia Mandolin Orchestra. The ensemble prepared and performed a program of music from classic Italian films. On Nov. 5, 2017, the orchestra, under the direction of Mark Linkins, performed to a packed house at the Rotwitt Theater on the campus of Rosemont College in Rosemont, PA. The orchestra shared the program with renown Italian mandolinist Carlo Aonzo and his trio (including Lorenzo Piccone, guitar, and Luciano Puppo, bass). They performed works from their CD “A Mandolin Journey.” Photo credits: Chris Swisher.

Playlist Ciao Philadelphia Mandolin Orchestra

Additional information

Greater Philadelphia boasts one of the largest, and most accomplished, Italian-American communities in the United States. The birthplace of the United States of America, Philadelphia is a city deeply connected to Italian values and the Italian way of life, exemplified by the rich universities, museums, art centers, and neighborhoods and contributions of Italian Heritage. I am proud to announce that the Consulate General of Italy – in partnership with area civic, academic, cultural and business leaders – is launching the fourth edition of Ciao Philadelphia in October 2017 after the success of its previous editions in 2016, 2015, and 2014.