Caterina Lichtenberg and Mike Marshall – Carmel Bach Festival 2014 – Bach, Vivaldi and Choro

Caterina Lichtenberg and Mike Marshall have played a concert at the Carmel Bach Festival in 2014. A set of youtube videos from this concert is available. You can hear the concerto for oboe and violin BWV 1060 by J. S. Bach, two concert by  Antonio Vivaldi and as a great finale the choro Santa Morena. […]

A Concert with the TonArt Quartet – With Natalja Korsak and Nikolai Maretzky

The TonArt Quartet is a profesional mandolin ensemble composed of Sabine Marz – mandolin Natalia Korsak – mandolin Nicholas Maretsky – mandola Marina Romeyko – piano This quartet has given a concert in the Philharmony in Minsk on October 24th 2014. A set of videos from this concert is available at youtube. The TonArt quartet […]

Dry And Dusty live at the Portland Oldtime Music Gathering – Old-time Sister Duo – Complete Show

I have discovered Dry and Dusty in the youtube channel Mark’s Memories and I have listened to the show they played at the Portland Oldtime Music Gathering now for several times. Description from the Dry and Dusty facebook page Dry and Dusty is an old-time sister duo from Bellingham and sometimes Spokane, Washington. The band […]

Chris Thile live at the Alberta Rose Theatre in Portland, Oregon on 10/2/2013 – Complete Concert

Chris Thile has played a solo concert in Portland, Oregon last year. The complete concert is available as a youtube playlist in the youtube channel of Mark’s Memories Chris Thile is an exceptional mandolin player, singer and performer. In his program he mixes solo sonatas and partitas by J. S. Bach including the complete Partita […]

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