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Lydia & Bettina – A German Duet with Mandolin…

Some time ago I have found an announcement for a concert with the Duo Lydia and Bettina. I had previously heard about this duo with mandolin and guitar, and so I searched for information about Lydia and Bettina.

This is how the duo presents itself on their website:

Wir sind Lydia Rombach und Bettina Lehmann. Wir, das sind eine Mandoline, eine Gitarre und eine gefühlvolle, einprägsame Stimme. Musik begleitet uns schon unser ganzes Leben. Seit über 10 Jahren gehen wir diesen Weg gemeinsam.

Ein Abend mit uns ist eine musikalische Zeitreise vom 16. Jhd. bis in die Gegenwart. Stilistisch legen wir uns dabei nicht fest: Rock, Pop, Klassik – gespielt wird, was gefällt. Ohne großes technisches Equipment und auf unsere eigene, unbekümmerte Art und Weise.

Translation: We are Lydia Rombach and Bettina Lehmann. We, that is a mandolin, a guitar and a soulful, impressing voice. Music has accompnied us for our whole life. For more than 10 years we are going this way together.

An evening with us is a musical travel from the 16th century until today. We are not fixed to a single style: rock, pop, classical – we play what we like to play. Without much technical equipment and in our own, easygoing way.

Both have played in a local mandolin orchestra. So they decided to use mandolin and guitar as well for their Duo.

I like the arrangements by Lydia and Bettina, the mandolin is used to make the arrangements brilliant and interesting, with single notes, tremolo or chords.


I hope that I will be able to visit one of the next concerts of this duo.

I have found four videos in the youtube Channel Lydik :

Wayfaring Stranger (Lydia und Bettina)

Robbie Williams Angels (Lydia und Bettina)

Mit diesem Video haben wir uns für das Triberger Weihnachtstalent beworben und haben dann nach einem Live Casting auch tatsächlich gewonnen.
Bettina an der Gitarre und mit Gesang und Lydia an der Mandoline.
Bitte entschuldigt die nicht unbedingt professionelle Aufnahme.

We are looking forward to your comments!

Playlist Lydia and Bettina

Additional Information

Website Lydia und Bettina: http://www.lydiaundbettina.de/

fingerstyle guitar

Erik Mongrain – Master of Air Tap – Fascinating…

Erik Mongrain has developed a technique to perfection which is known as Air Tap. For playing this Air Tap technique the guitar is not played in the normal position but is laid flat in front of the the player and is played simultaneously by both hands.

The left hand produces the tones by hammering down the fingers onto the fretboard and the strings – a technique that has been known for a long tine,  but which has mainly been used for playing small ornaments. The possibility of amplification now makes it possible that this technique can be used for playing not just ornaments but complete melodies or even chords just with the left hand alone.

The right hand is used to pick the strings with the traditional fingerpicking patterns, but also to produce a number of percussion effects and harmony tones. By this two-hand technique a full and complex sound is produced which does not sound like a single guitar but almost like a complete guitar ensemble.

In 2004 Erik Mongrain has played the following piece in a Canadian talent show:

Erik Mongrain – Airtap 2004 – Party de Noël

Prestation d’Érik Mongrain au Party de Noël des Pourris de Talent.Décembre 2004

In 2012 he has played “Rewind” from his album “Forward” at the Canadian Guitar Festival:

CGF 2012: Erik Mongrain – “Rewind”

Erik Mongrain – “Rewind” (original).
Live, at the Canadian Guitar Festival 2012
August 4, 2012, Loughborough Lake, Kingston, Ontario

Erik performs an original tune from his 2012 album “Forward”.

Erik Mongrain has first used this technique when busking because it attacted a lot of people. Now he uses this often at the beginning of concerts to get rid of his stage-fright. He is currently working on new compositions for a new album supported by a campaign with indiegogo.

Playlist Erik Mongrain

Additional Informationen

Amazon Partnerlinks for the CDs Fates (2007) and Equlibrium (2008) by Erik Mongrain:




London 2013 – 100 Club, Oxford Street – Orianthi…

On Wednesday we attended a concert with Orianthi in the 100 Club, Oxford Street. We had to wait for a long time in the typical English queue until we were let in, and event then we had to wait more until Orianthi came to the stage.

Orianthi is a young guitarist with Greek / Australian roots. She has played with Stevie Vai and Carlos Santana, and she plays heavy rock guitar and sings. Since 2011 Orianthi is the guitarist for Alice Cooper. So it was no surprise that Alice Cooper came to the stage for the last encore and sung Foxy Lady.

Orianthi and Alice Cooper live @ 100 club London 7th August 2013

Pictures – Orianthi in the Club 100

You can find many videos from the concert with Orianthi in the 100 Club – many of the visitors used their smartphones to record songs.

Videos Orianthi 100 Club

Additional Information

Orianthi official website: http://orianthi.com/

Wikipedia about Orianthi (engl.): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orianthi

Orianthi – Playlist

100 Club Oxford Street, London: http://www.the100club.co.uk/


London 2013 – Ahmed Dickinson Cardenas – Guitar –…

The first concert during our holiday in London was a free concert which took place in the National Portrait Gallery. Ahmed Dickinson Cardenas played a program with guitar music from Cuba by Leo BrouwerEduardo Martin and  José Antonio (Ñico) Rojas Beoto.

Ahmed Dickinson has transcribed may pieces by Nico Rojas and made those available for the guitarists. Some compositions by Nico Rojas can be found in the playlist below.

Eduardo Martin is another composer from Cuba whose compositions are played regularly by guitarists around the world. Ahmed Dickinson played some movements from the Calendar Suite, you can find some of those movements in the playlist as well.

For my post I have selected another composition by Eduardo Martin, Inevitable & Chacumbele:

Ahmed Dickinson Cardenas – Inevitable & Chacumbele – Eduardo Martin

Ahmed Dickinson has also played with a string quartet, this is a great video from the live performance of the Quintet for Guitar and String Quartet by Leo Brower.

Ahmed Dickinson and the Santiago Quartet: Quintet- Leo Brouwer

Live performance of the Quintet for Guitar and String Quartet by Leo Brouwer. Featuring renowned Cuban guitarist Ahmed Dickinson and the Santiago Quartet.

Ahmed Dickenson, guitar
Emma Blanco, violin
Matthew Elston, violin
Suzanne Evans, viola
Jonathan Hennessey-Brown, cello

Playliste Ahmed Dickinson Cardenas

Additional Information

Website: http://www.ahmeddickinson.com/

Recordings by Ahmed Dickinson Cardenas at soundcloud (shortened): http://soundcloud.com/ahmed-dickinson-cardenas

Artikel about Nico Rojas and Ahmed Dickinson: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/obituaries/nico-rojas-guitarist-and-composer-whomixed-cuban-rhythms-with-jazz-1048762.html

It was while appearing at Havana’s International Guitar Festival in 2000 that Rojas met Ahmed Dickinson, with whom he struck up a friendship. Realising that the old master could not read music and was in danger of forgetting his own works, Dickinson transcribed 33 of Rojas’ compositions over the next five years, with help from Rojas and his son Jesús. Five of Rojas’ compositions were recorded by Marco Tamayo on the album Guitar Music From Cuba (Naxos Classical) in 2004, and in October this year Ahmed Dickinson – now based in London – released his début album, Ahmed Dickinson Plays Nico Rojas (Cubafilin Records), which consisted of 16 Rojas compositions.

About the composer Nico Rojas (with free download of sheet music and recordings of some of his compositions): http://www.jeffersonguitar.org/NicoRojas.html

About Nico Rojas, with two recordings: http://www.penultimosdias.com/2008/11/23/11539/

Biografie Nico Rojas and recordings: http://www.guitarraclasicadelcamp.com/partituras/nicorojas.html

Website Eduardo Martin: http://www.eduardomartin.com/