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Raffaele Calace – VI Mazurka Op. 141 – For…

The Mazurka Op. 141 by Raffaele Calace is a piece that is being played quite often. I have collected a playlist with the best videos of this piece.

You can hear:

  • The Duo 14 strings from Italy (mandolin & guitar)

http://www.14strings.it Tiziano Palladino al Mandolino e Isidoro Nugnes alla Chitarra (14strings Duo) eseguono la MAZURKA Op. 141 di Raffaele Calace durante un Concerto live presso l’IMAM di Larino

  • An unknown mandolin orchestra
  • Gianni Migliaccio and Paolino Coppeto
  • The Devine Nix Duo (mandolin & guitar)

The Devine Nix Duo – Chris Devine, mandolin and Michael Nix, guitar

  • Athenian Mandolinata “Nicolaos Lavdas”
  • Dutch Mandolin Chamber Orchestra HET CONSORT
  • ΝΙΚΟΣ ΡΟΓΚΑΚΟΣ und ΒΑΝΤΑ ΠΟΛΙΤΗ (mandolin & piano)
  • Patrizio Petrucci, mandolino, Ilenia Fiore, piano (mandolin & piano)
  • Carlo Aonzo mandolino, Valeria Ubertino chitarra (mandolin & guitar)
  • Duo Bonizzoni-Colella (mandolin & harp)

Playlist – Calace VI Mazurka Op. 141

The sheet music of the Mazurka is available form the site of the Italian plucked strings association FMI:


Jacopo Gianninoto and Luca Chiavinato – Exciting Projects with…

Jacopo Gianninoto is an Italian lutenist, guitarist and composer. I have found some pictures of a lute and baroque guitar in his tumblr. He currently works as a teacher for guitar and lute at the Assumption University in Bangkok.

He is currently a Full-Time Lute and Guitar lecturer and Special Advisor for the Department of Music Performance at the Assumption University of Bangkok, Thailand and collaborates with several international music institutions.

I have followed his links and watched some videos from his youtube channel and I have discovered some very interesting and exciting projects. The projects were realized in Bangkok, but also in Italy, mostly there were performances that combined music, dance, art, theater and literature. This is a video from the Baroque Me Baby project:


Jacopo Gianninoto: Baroque Guitar //
Sasapin Siriwanij: Performer //
Komtham Domrongchareon: Viola Da Gamba //
Nichada Jirawattanaphan: Percussions //
November 3rd, 2012


Another project is presented in the following video:

Infinite Musings on Infinite Space

Jacopo Gianninoto
Nana Dakin
Sasapin Siriwanij
@ The Space Bangkok Art Gallery
September 21, 2013
Video by Voraprada Voratananchai and Peeranat Choodoung

I think it is very exciting to use the ancient instruments like lute and baroque guitar in very modern performances. I recommend that you visit the blog of Jacopo Gianninoto and the youtube channel. On the website you can find several recordings of lute music as free downloads.

Additional Information

tumblr: http://jacophotos.tumblr.com/

youtube channel Jacopo Gianninoto: http://www.youtube.com/user/ajaanjacopo

youtube channel Luca Chiavinato: http://www.youtube.com/user/lucachia

Website Jacopo Gianninoto: http://jacopo.gianninoto.it/

Free downloads: http://jacopo.gianninoto.it/downloads

Blog of Jacopo Gianninoto: http://www.retrogarde.net/

Wikipedia about Jacopo Gianninoto: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacopo_Gianninoto

A postcard by Raffaele Calace (1904) - Back with mandolyra, liuto and guitar lutherie

A Postcard by Raffaele Calace for Paul Decourcelle –…

I have recently bought a postcard written by Raffaele Calace in 1904. The postcard was sent to Paul Decourcelle who had a publishing company in Nice in France around 1900. He has also published his own compositions under the pseudonym Heinrich Tellam, some of his compositions were quite popular at that time.

Click one of the smal images to open the gallery where you can see and also download the images in full size.

Additional information

Link collection Paul Decourcelle

Link collectionCalace

mandolin methods

The Mandolin Method by Giuseppe Branzoli (1875) – Compositions…

I have recently added a new page about the mandolin method by Giuseppe Branzoli on my page about mandolin methods.

I have also made a new scan of the first volume of the German edition of Branzoli’s mandolin methodwhich has been published at the beginning of the 20th century by Universal Edition. This scan in high quality is now available as download on the musicaneo.com site.

On this occasion I have searched for videos with compositions by Branzoli.


Margherita (G. Branzoli)

8th Korea Mandolin festival with Fabio Menditto Trio July 9-11, 2009
Fabio Menditto mandolin
Angelo Ercoli double bass
Fabio Refrigeri guitar

Pensiero Affettuoso (G.Branzoli)-熱情

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