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Compositions by Hermann Ambrosius for the modern Mandolin Orchestra…

Hermann Ambrosius is one of the most important German composers for the modern mandolin orchestra named Zupforchester in Germany. His compositions are played by many orchestras in Germany and around the world.

Today I have compiled all the youtube videos with works by Hermann Ambrosius.

Enjoy the music of Hermann Ambrosius.


Feierlicher Reigen

Hermann Ambrosius, Feierlicher Reigen

Der Mandolinenclub “Ellerbek von 1911” e.V. spielt anlässlich seines 100-jährigen Jubiläums im Kieler Schloss:
Hermann Ambrosius
Feierlicher Reigen

HERMANN AMBROSIUS – Feierlicher Reigen (Ciaccona)

Laboratorio Musicale Estense – Ferrara, Italy


Suite No. 6

Suite N°6 /1; Hermann Ambrosius (1897-1983)

Preludio – Minuetto – Sarabanda

Suite N°6 /2; Hermann Ambrosius (1897-1983)

Gavotta – Badinerie

Lugano’s mandolin orchestra (Ticino, Switzerland) conducted by Mauro Pacchin.
Performed during the Gala concert 2008 at the Auditorio Stelio Molo, Lugano. Broadcasted live on RETE2, Radio della Svizzera italiana.

Suite No. 6 für zupforchester – Hermann Ambrosius PART ONE

Suite No. 6 für zupforchester – Hermann Ambrosius PART TWO

The Western Australian Mandolin Orchestra performing in Fremantle Town Hall November 2008.
Conducted by Robert Schulz

Suite No.6.wmv


Suite Nr.6 fűr Zupforchester(H.Ambrosius)-組曲第6番

Partita Mandolin Guitar Ensemble (conducted by Joichi Kawamura) performed Hermann Ambrosius’s Suite Nr.6 fűr Zupforchester in the 9th Regular Concert on 24th Sep. 2011 at Chiba City Culture Center Art Holl, Japan. http://homepage2.nifty.com/partita/

Mandol’in Tempo – 02 – suite n°6 de H. Ambrosius

concert à st michel de fronsac de l’ensemble à plectres (mandolines et guitares) Mandol’in Tempo basé en gironde à St André de Cubzac

Ambrosius – Praludium

Ambrosius Menuett

Ambrosius Sarabande

Hermann Ambrosius
Suite Nr.6 fur Zupforchester

Carlo Aonzo’s Mandolin Workshop 2010 – see: http://www.carloaonzo.com/



Sérénade ; H. Ambrosius

Orchestre à Plectres du Sud-Ouest; dir: F. Calvo
Festival Mandolines St-Girons 2010


Sérénade d’Ambrosius, jouée le 1er novembre 2009 à Tarbes à l’occasion de la semaine de la mandoline. Orchestre à plectres régional, direction Florentino Calvo.


Konzert für Violoncello und Orchester

H. AMBROSIUS – Concerto per violoncello e Orchestra a plettro – Allegro Moderato (I mov.)

H. AMBROSIUS – Concerto per violoncello e Orchestra a plettro – Adagio (II mov.)

H. AMBROSIUS – Concerto per violoncello e Orchestra a plettro – Vivo (III mov.)

“Il tocco dell’Angelo”
Sala Convegni del Palazzo della Ragione – Pomposa (FE) – 9 Aprile 2012
Violoncello Sebastiano Severi – Ensemble a plettro Caput Gauri
Concerto in Do Maggiore (1980)

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Konrad Wölki – Compositions and Arrangements for Mandolin Orchestra…

Konrad Wölki was one of the composers in Germany who made the move from the traditional mandolin orchestra (Mandolinenorchester) to the modern mandolin orchesra (Zupforchester). His first compositions were big ouvertures intended for large orchestras in the more traditional style, but later he started to look back into history and start compose in a style without the tremolo.

Konrad Wölki was the author of a mandolin method and studies for one or two mandolins.

I will add more information about Konrad Wölki later to this article.

The sheet music for all compositions is available at  Trekel Verlag.

About Konrad Wölki: http://wikipedia.qwika.com/de2en/Konrad_W%C3%B6lki

I have compiled all the youtube videos with works by Konrad Wölki that I have found so far.

Ouvertüre Nr. 1 in A-Dur

「序曲 イ長調」 Ouverture A Dure Wolki

Synthesized Version – Virtual Mandolin Orchestra

Ouvertüre Nr. 2. in Fis-Moll

序曲第二番 Ouvertüre Nr. 2

Shaddai Mandolinenensemble

Ouvertüre Nr. 3 in D-Dur

ヴィヴァ・マンドリーノ第14回定演「序曲第三番『ニ長調』」 Konrad Wölki

Viva Mandolino 14th Concert Part1
“Ouvertüre Nr. 3 (D-Dur)”
Composition: Konrad Wölki
Arrangement: Jun Akagi “赤城 淳”
Direcotor: Takeshi Katakura “片倉 武”

序曲第三番「ニ長調」Ouvertüre Nr.3 in D-dur : Konrad Wölki

Hamamatsu Mandolin Orchestra since 1971

Ouvertüre Nr. 4 in H-Moll, Op. 7

Obertura nº4 Op. 7 en Sim (Konrad Wölki) – OCPCA

Obertura nº4 Op. 7 en Sim / Oberture nº4 Op. 7 in B minor
Interpretado por O.C.P.C.A. (Orquesta de Cuerda Pulsada de los Conservatorios de Aragón)
Director: Jorge Casanova

Obertura nº4 Op.7 en Sim (Konrad Wölki) OCPCA

Concierto Teatro Bellas Artes TARAZONA: 05/05/2012


Mandoline Konzert Higashi 5.
Ab 13.30 Uhr, 23. August 1992 (Montag) (1992)
Zentral Community Center Great Hall Higashihiroshima

Konrad Wölki Komponisten “in B minor” Ouvertüre Nr. vier

Ouvertüre “Die Heimreise”, Op. 17

序曲 「ハイムライゼ」 Die Heimreise,Ouvertüre Konrad Helmut Wölki K.ヴェルキ

Hamamatsu Mandolin Orchestra since1971

Heimreise (partial)

Bundang Mandolin Orchestra
Heimreise partial
Conducted by MinSoon Park

Not recorded fully because of battery low )-:

Die Grosse Stunde, Ein festliches Stück, Op. 18

大いなる時代 Die Grosse Stunde

Hamamatsu Mandolin Orchestra

Suite Nr. 2, “Musik für schlichte Feierstunden” Op. 31

07 組曲2番Suite Nr 2 op 31

Abonnement Concert Mandoline Verein Gymnasium Meiji 22. 1981

00:00 _I: Mit innerer Beschwingtheit (うきうきした気分で)
01:42 _II: Freudig erregt (楽しく高揚して)
05:01 _III: Sehr gemessen (とても荘厳に)
07:48 _IV: Mit leichten Tanzschritten (軽やかなステップで)
10:05 V: Sehr gestrafft (すごく合理的に)

Europäische Suite, Op. 89

Konrad Wölki, Europäische Suite

Der Mandolinenclub “Ellerbek von 1911” e.V. spielt anlässlich seines 100-jährigen Jubiläums im Kieler Schloss: Konrad Wölki op. 89 Europäische Suite

Konrad Wölki – Flemish Pirate Song from European Suite op.89

Konrad Wölki, Flemish Pirate Song (Flämisches Seeräuberlied) from: Europäische Suite (European Suite), op. 89 played by the Mandolin Orchestra Ettlingen, www.mandolinenorchester-ettlingen.de, conducted by Boris Björn Bagger,

Konrad Wölki, Europäische Suite, op. 89 (excerpts)

Konrad Wölki, Europäische Suite (European Suite), op. 89 (excerpts) played by the Mandolin Orchestra Ettlingen, www.mandolinenorchester-ettlingen.de, conducted by Boris Björn

Konzert für Oboe und Orchester

Suite Appassionata

Chuo-Universität Musik Study Group Mandolinenclub: 熱情組曲 K ヴェルキ Suite Appassionata K.Wölki

2012年 第102回定期演奏会より

1. Leidenschaftlich bewegt
2. Schmerzlich(2’43″)
3. Still Vergnudt(8’30″)
4. Leidenschaftlich bewegt(10’38″)

En Bälg&En Stråke – Suite Appassionata

En Bälg&En stråke performs Suite Assassionata by Konrad Wölki
Musik på Forsviks bruk 2010
Per Boesen cello Kallis Bengtsson accordion

Arrangements by Konrad Wölki

Suite von G. F. Händel

Suite by Händel played by the Mandolin Orchestra Het CONSORT

The Suite by Georg Friedrich Händel performed here on YouTube by the Dutch Mandolin Chamber Orchestra Het CONSORT is a compilation of 4 pieces arranged for Mandolin Orchestra of Händel’s harpsichord music based on an earlier setting for mandolin orchestra by the German mandolin pioneer Konrad Wölki. All the movements show Händel’s remarkable polyphonic and wonderful melodic style.
Especially known, in solo instrumental as well as in orchestral versions, is the famous theme of the Sarabande to which Händel added two beautiful variations.

John Baston – Konzert für Flöte und Orchester

John Baston (1730) (Concerto N°2 in Do magg. per flauto soprano e orchestra a plettro)

“Arcangelo Corelli” Orchestra – Poncarale BS Italy – 18-04-1993
(Google Maps=45.461,10.172637)
John Baston (Konzert Nr.II (C-dur)
für Sopran-Blockflöte or Oboe or Akkordeon und Zupfinstrumente
Arrangiamento: Konrad Wölki
Flauto: Elena C.
Mandolino solo: Fabio B.
Art Direction: Lorenzo Bianchi

Santa Lucia


83. regelmäßige Konzerttätigkeit Mandolin Ensemble Anima Nagasaki
Santa Lucia (neapolitanische Volkslied, von Konrad Wölki angeordnet)

Serenata Napolitana – Fedele Rivelli

Mandolinata Mannheim 2009 – Serenata napolitana – Fedele Rivelli

Fedele Rivelli (unbek.)
Arr. K. Wölki

Playlist Konrad Wölki


A Concert with the Mandolin Orchestra “Mandolinata Karlsruhe” –…

The mandolin orchestra “Mandolinata Karlsruhe” has been filmed during a concert given in Logroño last year. The complete concert is available at youtube. The concert took place during the  XIV Festival Internacional de Instrumentos Populares de La Rioja 2011.

This orchestra is conducted by Christopher Grafschmidt who is a guitar player, musicologist and composer. He has composed many pieces for mandolin orchestra and other instruments. One of his pieces has been performed during the concert in Logroño .

Mandolinata Karlsruhe – Christopher Grafschmidt – Auf geht’s

I have played together with Christopher Grafschmidt  in the orchestra “Badisches Zupforchester”, and I know several of the players of this orchestra. So I enjoeyed it very much to watch this set of videos.

Participación de Mandolinen und Guitarrenorchester Mandolinata Karlsruhe en el XIV Festival Internacional de Instrumentos Populares de La Rioja 2011, organizado por la Sociedad Musical Esmeralda de Pulso y Pua de Logroño
Pieza grabada en la Iglesia de Santa María de Agoncillo.


  • Enrique Granados – Tres Danzas Espagnolas
  • Kurt Schwaen – Abendmusik
  • Pietro Mascagni – Intermezzo aus der Oper Cavaleria rustica
  • W. A. Mozart – Divertimento in F KV 138
  • Johann und Josef Strauss – Pizzicato Polka
  • Christopher Grafschmidt – Auf geht’s
  • Francisco Tarrega – Recuerdos de la Alhambra
  • Silcher – Freud und Leid
  • Popular – La mar estaba serena

Playlist Mandolinata Karlsruhe

Additional Information

Website of the Mandolinata Karlsruhe: http://www.mandolinata.de/

Report about the trip to Logroño : http://www.mandolinata.de/logrono.html

youtube channel of the Festivals in Logroño : http://www.youtube.com/user/emeralogrono

Canal de música del Festival Internacional de Instrumentos Populares de La Rioja, organizado por la Sociedad Musical Esmeralda. Logroño – La Rioja

Biography of Christopher Grafschmidt: http://www.edition49.de/composers/c_grafschmidt/


Guitarre-Solostücke by Josef Kellner (um 1900) – Bavarian Folk…

Recently I have added a scan with music for classical guitar to my website www.mandoisland.de as a free download.

The book is


Leicht arrangiert


Josef Kellner

Heft 4

This selection of guitar music has been published around 1900 in Munich. I do only own this part 4.

On the title page you can see a young guitar player – you can see that already around 1900 litle children did play the guitar:

I did not find much about Josef Kellner, the only reference that I have found is the following short biography from the archive of German Folk-Songs:

Josef Kellner (1854-1911) war ein Münchner Zitherlehrer und Komponist, der eigene Stücke schon ab 1886 im Selbstverlag veröffentlichte. …. Josef Kellner war ein typischer Komponist von Gebrauchsmusik: Nicht nur sein Opus 7 “Deutscher Schützenfestmarsch” findet sich in zahlreichen Notenhandschriften der Zitherspieler und wurde für andere Besetzungen (Salonmusik, Blasmusik) umgeschrieben, auch Landler und andere Kompositionen aus seiner Hand sind ins Repertoire der oberbayerischen Musikanten eingegangen.

Translation: Josef Kellner (1854-1911) was a teacher for zither and a composer in Munich who published his pieces from 1886 in his own publishing company. …Josef Kellner was a typical composer of popular music. Not only his Op. 7 “Deutscher Schützenfestmarsch” is found in many manuscripts of zither players and has been arranged for other groups (salon orchestra, brass band), but as well many of his Ländlers and other compositions have been included to the repertoir of the Bavarian musicians.

Source: http://www.volksmusik-archiv.de/vma/db_soechtenauer_luggi_marsch

The pieces in this book are quite easy to play and sound typically Bavarian. If you like to play typical Bavarian folk music you should download this book and try the pieces.

Two examples:

Example 1 – Das Stille Tal – Lied ohne Worte

(The quiet valley – Song without words)

Eample 2 – D’Sennerin – Alpenlied (Song from the Alpes)

Titel page

Joh. B. Westermair, München 12 was “Hoflieferant” (purveyor to the court) for  S.K.H. Prince Alfons of Bavaria and “Kammerlieferant” of  S. H. Prince Ludwig of  Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha.

Wikipedia Alfons von Bayern (* 24. Januar 1862 in München; † 8. Januar 1933 ebenda) : http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfons_von_Bayern

Wikipedia Ludwig von Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha (* 9. August 1845 auf Schloss Eu; † 14. September 1907 in Karlsbad): http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ludwig_August_von_Sachsen-Coburg_und_Gotha

The complete book is available as free download on my website  www.mandoisland.de on page “Free Sheet Music”.