Munier ❁ Adagio e Rondo ❁ Op. 176 ❁ Soongsil University Mandolin Orchestra

Op. 176 by Carlo Munier is the Adagio e Rondo. I have found a recording of this composition by a mandolin orchestra from Korea.

This piece has been composed for mandolin quartet or mandolin orchstra, but there is also a version for two mandolins and piano:

20051119 Adagio e Rondo (C.Munier)

Carlo Munier – Adagio e Rondo

2005/11/19 – Regular Concert
Soongsil University Mandolin Orchestra
Seoul, Korea

This is the beginning of the Adagio (1st mandolin):

And the beginning of the Rondo (1st mandolin):


Enjoy the  Adagio and Rondo by Carlo Munier!

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