Desvairada – A Great Choro by Garoto (Anibal Augusto Sardinha)

A choro tune that I have heard many times during this years European Mandolin Academy is Desvairada by Garoto.

Garoto was the Nickname of Anibal Augusto Sardinha.

Here is some information from the site

Anibal Augusto Sardinha, better known as Garôto, (The Kid), was born from Portuguese immigrants Antônio Augusto Sardinha and Adosinda dos Anjos Sardinha in downtown São Paulo on June 28,1915.


In the last 15 years of his life, (Garôto died at age 39 on May 3, 1955), he worked very hard, playing in recording sessions, doing concerts, and composing some of the most wonderful songs Brazilians ever listened to, some, selling over a million copies. With his way of playing the Samba and Chôro on guitar and writting music, Garôto was the man who gave new directions to Brazilian Popular Music, influencing some of the next generation greatest Brazilian artistsand also showing the path to what few years later was called Bossa Nova.

In the choro blog I have found the following description of Desvairada:

“Desvairada” is a three part valse-choro played in 6/8 and has the form: ABBACCA, the piece containing several examples of appegios in double timing, very intricate to master.

Desvairada is a great tune that needs quite a bit or practice, and it  has been played by some of the greatest mandolin players as a duet:

Mike Marshall & Chris Thile – Woodsongs concert

Danilo Brito & Mike Marshall

Desvairada is also very popular among guitar players. In my playlist I have collected some 20 versions of Desvairada for mandolin, guitar and other instruments.

Enjoy Desvairada by Garoto.

Playlist Desvairada

Additional information

I have not found a sheet music version of Desvairada. For myself I have created a sheet music version from a midi file.

Information about Garoto:

Post about Desvairada in the choro blog:

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