Mandolin Syllabuses and Examination Regulations

Mandolin syllabuses and examination regulations are helpful to give hints about what you can play on the mandolin.

I have compiled the mandolin syllabuses that I know in this post. I have compiled syllabuses in different languages. As those lists are mainly lists of composers and sheet music titles you shouild be able to use it even if you do not understand the language.

You can find a link list in my link collection: Link collection mandolin syllabus

Thekla Mattischek – Aspekte des Unterrichts auf der Mandoline / Mandola

Thekla Mattischek has compiled some important aspects about teaching the mandolin in a document. At the end of the document you can also find a small list of recommended music for the mandolin. You can find the article on the following page: Fachartikel und Noten (

Literaturliste für die Oberstufe des Gymnasiums (Bayern)

Regulations for mandolin players at secondary schools in Bavaria can be found on this page: Literaturlisten

Victoria College Exams has been offering examinations, held at local centres continually since 1890. The rules and levels for the examinantions have been compiled in syllabuses for the dirfferent instruments. The examinations for mandolin have been added on a recommendation by Alison Stephens.

The syllabus for mandolin can be downloaded from the folling page: Victoria College – Request a Syllabus

On the Spanish website you can find examination regulations for the mandolin from Madrid, Zaragoza, Luxemburg und Logrono.

Documents –

Greece – Aristotle Dimitriadis

This proposal is based on the mandolin course programs of the Italian, French and German Schools being taught in all the academies and Conservatoirs of Europe without ignoring the very rich popular tradition of this instrument in Greece, which in turn is integrated in the study of the mandolin worldwide. Aristotle Dimitriadis

School of Plucked – Strings Classical Mandolin Class

ANZCA – Australia & New Zealand 

Australian and New Zealand Cultural Arts Limited is a non-profit examiningAustralian and New Zealand Cultural Arts Limited is a non-profit examiningbody of the performing arts. It was formed in 1983, in response to a growingneed among private music teachers for an examination system catering fora greater diversity of musical styles. In recognizing the vital role modernmusic plays, especially among the young, ANZCA set out to design itssyllabuses to cater for both classical and modern streams.

Download Site for ANZCA Syllabuses

This graded examination system for Mandolin has been created and developed by Robert Schulz (LGSM, B.Mus.Ed.) and Darryl Barron (Ad.Cert, B.Mus.Perf., B.Teach., A,Dip.A., LTCL, FTCL), with additional contributions by Michelle Nelson and Joan Harris, and ongoing development by Darryl Barron. The material used in the Lists is an appealing combination of Baroque and 20th/21stcentury repertoire, with a smaller amount of 19th century material included. Technical Work requirements are given at the start of each grade, and are notated in the ANZCA Mandolin Technical Work book. The syllabus Lists contain a number of works and albums from European publishers, which may need to be ordered from overseas. This reflects the historic situation of the mandolin being well established in Italy, Germany and Holland for many years before becoming popular outside of Europe. The publishers included can be found online, and material not readily available in local music stores can easily be ordered via the internet. A bibliography of the editions used in this syllabus is included on page 148.

Netherlands – Raamleerplan

On the website of the LKCA you can find regulations including a syllabus for the mandolin.

About LKCA:

Knowledge and knowledge exchange: website, publications, social media

The LKCA website provides independent information on cultural education and participation in the broadest sense of the term. This includes the latest news from the sector and reliable information on a wide range of issues relating to cultural education and participation. On the LKCA website there are various platforms for sharing your knowledge with other visitors.

The syllabus contains detailed informatione about the playing techgnique and the musical knowledge. At the end of the syllabus you can find a list of recommended music. The regulations have been compiled by Sebastiaan de Grebber, Daniëlle de Rover, Martine Sikkenk und Alex Timmerman.

You can find the regulations at Raamleerplannen kader

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