The Athenian Mandolin Quartet – Historical Recordings

I have just found 4 youtube videos with historical recordings of the Athenian Mandolin Quartet, which is also known as the Alessios de Filippis Mandolin Quartet.

More recordings of this groups are available on Edision cylinders on the site of the cylinder conservation project and in the Library of Congress.

These are the recordings made by the Victor Company in 1916 and 1917:

Estudiantina Waltz – Athenian Mandolin Quartet

Victor 10 inch record #17990-B, “Estudiantina Waltz”, played by the Athenian Mandolin Quartet (recorded February 25, 1916).

Spanish Rhapsody – Athenian Mandolin Quartet

The Spanish Rhapsody was composed by Simone Salvetti

Hawaii I’m Lonesome for You

Aloha Land

Additional Information

Recordings of the Athens Mandolin Quartet on Edison cylinders that are available on the site of the Cylinder Conservation Project – includes a Hungarian Serenade, Spanish Rhapsody, That dreamy dreamy Lullaby, A Walk in the Forrest:

Recordings of the Athenian Mandolin Quartet in the National Jukebox of the Library of Congress – includes Spanish Rhapsody, Mo-Ana, Estudiantina Waltz and Cacliz March (Cadiz March?):

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