Ernesto Becucci – The famous waltz “Tesoro Mio” and other Compositions – Sheet Music for Mandolin & Guitar

Ernesto Becucci (1845 – 1905) was a popular and succesful Italian composer during the second half of the 19th century. Especially his composition “Tesoro Mio” has been successful all over the world. His compositions have also been arranged for mandolin and mandolin orchestra. In the monthly reports about published music (Hofmeisters Monatsberichte) from 1906 I […]

Troise and his Mandoliers / Banjoliers – Historical Mandolin Orchestra Recordings

Pasquale Troise (1895 – 1957) was born in Naples in 1895. He came to Great Britan during the 1920, first as a member of the London Radio Dance Band, but soon founded his own orchestra, the Selecta Plectrum Mandoline Orchestra, which was later renamed to Troise and his Mandoliers. When the banjo became more popular […]

“Love’s Dream after the Ball” ♫ Waltz / Intermezzo by Alphons Czibulka ♫ Free Sheet Music for Mandolin Orchestra

Some days ago I have made a scan of a nice piece for mandolin orchestra and have uploaded it to my website mandoisland and to the IMSLP site. It’s a composition by Alphons Czibulka with the great title: Songe D’Amour Apres le Bal / Liebestraum nach dem Balle / Love’s Dream after the Ball This […]

Enrico Toselli – Famous Serenade – Free Sheet Music für Mandolin and Guitar

On the website I have found the sheet music for the famous Serenade Op. 6 by Enrico Toselli for mandolin and guitar. Biography of Enrico Toselli on the website of the BBC: and Wikipedia: Enrico Toselli (March 13, 1883 Florence – January 15, 1926 Florence) was an Italian pianist and composer. He […]

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