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Discover the Best Mandolin Music – 103 Diamonds

I am collecting my favorite mandolin videos in a “best of mandolin” playlist. In my playlists you can find all kind of mandolin music, from the Baroque mandolin and classical mandolin, to Bluegrass, Jazz and Folk, music for solo, duo, trio, quartett, ensemble or mandolin orchestra.

My playlist “Best Mandolin Music – 103 diamonds” is just complete:

Enjoy and discover some of the best mandolin music that I have found on youtube, and some of the best players of out favorite instrument!

The first videos in my playlist

Find more of my “best mandolin music” playlists on my website:

electronic devices

The Loop Station – a Powerful Tool for Mandolin…

I have started using a loop station about two years ago, and today I could not miss it any more. The loop station is a powerful tool for every musician, ane I recommend it for everybody who wants to add more color and diversity to his/her musical life.

My first video using a loop station was this:

Last year I have presented the loop station at the Mandolin Academy by Carlo Aonzo in Sorrento. In this post I will write about how to use a loop station with the mandolin and guitar for practicing and recording.

What is a loop station?

A loop station (or looper) is an electronic device which can record tracks, playback the recorded tracks, and record additional tracks over the first track. Loops can be stopped and started again, with some loopers you can use several different loops and switch between them for different parts of your song.

Loop stations have become very popular in Pop Music, Artists like Ed Sheeran use them a lot. Typically a short sequence of chords, a baseline, a riff are mixed up with rhythm to prepare a background for a song.

A nice example by CATT a singer from Germany is this:


You need:

  • A loop station with direct input for a microphone: I am using the Boss RC 30 (ca. 200,- €); another option is the Ditto Mic Looper (ca. 99,- €); the new Boss RC-500 does also have a microphone plug, but it is more expensive.
  • An amp – any acoustic / keyboard / guitar amp – will do – get a used one or a new one from ca. 50,- € 

So for little more that 300 € you can get a working solution.

You can also use any looper without a plug for the microphone – I have used the Ditto X2 looper first. In this case you need a small mixer for your microphone and an extra cable to go from the mixer to the loop station. You can use any cheap mixer, you can get something from ca. 40,- €. The cheapest looper by Boss is the RC-1. 

But I would recommend a looper like the Boss RC 30 which has the option to store up to 99 tracks. And it makes the setup much more easy compared to an extra mixer.

Additional information: https://www.boss.info/us/community/boss_users_group/1317/

Link collection: https://pinboard.in/u:mandoisland/t:looper/

You can find many youtube videos explaining how to work with a looper for live looping and using a looper for performances. There are also many videos explaining special loopers like the Boss RC-30. I have compiled many of the best videos in the following playlist.

Read more “The Loop Station – a Powerful Tool for Mandolin Players and Guitarists”

Mandolin Music at youtube – Alison Stephens

Youtube is trying to get a share from the streaming of complete CDs. Complete CDs are beeing added to the youtube content – usually with ADs to make some money. You can find those CDs mostly using the Artist Theme collections. As those CDs are not so easy to find I am planning to present some important CDs in my blog. You can probably find those CDs also on Spotify, but I do usually prefer to listen to youtube.

I would like to start with Alison Stephens. You can find most of Alison Stephens’ CDs now on the following page: Alison Stephens – Theme
Under the tab “Playlists” you can find playlists for the Calace CD and the CD tapestry by Duo Mandala.

I have made my own playlists for the following CDs:

Raffaele Calace – Mandolin Concertos No. 1 and 2, Rapsodia Napoletana – Alison Stephens and Steven Devine (Piano)

Souvenirs – Alison Stephens (Mandolin) and Craig Ogden (Guitar)

duo mandala – tapestry – Alison Stephens (Mandolin) and Lauren Scott (harp)

Music for Mandolin

mandolin orchestra

The Mandolin Orchestra “Il Mare Mandolin Club” from Chiba…

The mandolin orchestra “Il Mare” from Chiba in Japan has posted about twenty videos in its youtube channel.

The orchestra weas founded in 2008, the first concert was given in 2009. The videos contain pieces from the concerts in 2009 – 2013, the sixth concert is planned for this year.

I have compiled the videos in my playlist:

Videos by the Mandolin Orchestra “Il Mare” – Chiba

The following pieces are included:

  • Rome und Julia
  • Godfather II – Immigrant
  • Perl Fisher’s Tango
  • Plein Soleil.太陽がいっぱい
  • Marine Fantasy von Hiro Fujikake
  • The Spirit of Nature by Hiro Fujikake
  • Some Enchanted Evening 魅惑の宵 (R. Rodgers)
  • New Cinema Paradiso Medley
  • Gavotte – Serenade by Amedeo Amedei – “One of the most performed pieces composed for Mandolin orchestra. Performed by IL MARE Mandolin Club, an amateur Japanese mandolin club in Chiba, Japan from its forth regular concert held in 2012. “>One of the most performed pieces composed for Mandolin orchestra.”
  • Suite Spagnuola by Claudio Mandonico
  • Slavischer Tanz Nr. 10 von A. Dvorak
  • Stabat Mater by Hiro Fujikake
  • Fantasia Kyusyu (Hiro Fujikake)
  • Serenate Napolitane by Primo Silvestri – “A lovely Italian piece by Primo Silvestri, arranged for mandolin orchestra. Performed by IL MARE Mandolin Club, an amateur Japanese mandolin club in Chiba, Japan from its fifth regular concert held in 2013. “>
  • Dances for the Mandolin & the Moon (Richard Charlton) – “A fascinating mandolin orchestra work, partly inspired by one of Picasso’s most beautiful cubist works, Girl with a Mandolin, composed in 2005 by Richard Charlton, who is widely recognized as one of Australia’s leading composers and guitarists. Performed by IL MARE Mandolin Club, an amateur Japanese mandolin club in Chiba, Japan from its fifth regular concert held in 2013. “>
  • Song of the Spirit 魂の歌 (Karl Jenkins)
  • Summertime in Venice ベニスの夏の日
  • Stardust スターダスト
  •  So in Love ソー・イン・ラブ

Additional Information

Website Il Mare (japanisch)